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Customer Service Tips to Increase Spa Sales

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Clients evaluate spa experiences partly on your services and partly on their customer experience. Driving spa sales is based on memorable impressions your employees make on customers during interactions and influences the potential for return visits. Providing all-star customer service keeps patrons happy and your spa successful.

Daysmart Spa software features and add-ons will increase spa sales and speed up your administrative tasks. Use the spare time it creates to improve your employee’s customer service skills. When everyone adopts the proven suggestions below, you’ll retain loyal guests and wow their referrals while boosting individual and spa sales earnings.

Send Appointment Reminders

Use Daysmart Spa Software to automate appointment reminders via text and email, turning no-shows into grateful regulars who enter when you expect them. Every client’s time is as precious as yours. Should unforeseen delays arise, contact patrons with revised arrival times. If that’s not possible, discount their visits 15 percent, or compensate their inconveniences with free services or products.

Smile While Working

When the brain receives positive messages from grins, it releases mood-elevating enzymes and serotonin. Greet customers with eye contact, handshakes, and warm genuine smiles. Friendly facial expressions are so contagious patrons will respond, feeling happier and more comfortable too. Treat visitors like invited guests. Conduct tours so they’ll sense they belong in your spa. After clients and staffers enjoy their time together, wishing everyone a great day or weekend sends them off with cheerful outlooks.

spa sales

Hand out Beverage Menus

Pampering guests includes serving refreshments. But instead of asking patrons if they’d like sparkling water, tempt them to browse beverage menus. Give them time to contemplate various offerings, and they’ll be more inclined to place orders.

Personalize New Client Consultations

Aligning guests’ complexion and upkeep with their lifestyles is crucial for client satisfaction. Ask about their routines. Convey your reasoning with recommendations like: “Since your morning schedule doesn’t allow much skin care time, you’ll appreciate this quick regimen.”

Prepare for Recurring Visits

Before repeat patrons arrive, review their client histories in Daysmart Spa Software client management tool. Look over previous appointment notes and refresh your memory on each client’s previous services and preferences. Pull up the Daysmart Spa Software photo manager to examine former treatments together when clients arrive. Reflect on what they thought about the past treatments they received. When they want to try new services or different treatments use sample products to facilitate selection.

Offer Mini Service Tryouts

Giving printed service menus to customers encourages them to choose higher-priced options. Let hesitant patrons try out a few skincare products or give them a short massage to see what they enjoy best. Those mini test drives boost ticket sales.

Mention Guests’ Names

Leaders like politicians, business executives, and teachers know addressing people by their names makes them feel special. So they remember others’ names and use them often. Something so simple is a great way to forge strong relationships. It reflects your comfortable, caring culture and inspires friendly exchanges.

Choose Words Carefully

Your crew’s comments paint pictures in guests’ minds. Some enhance or detract from client experiences. Replace negative “I can’t,” “That’s not our policy,” and “I don’t” messages conveying what’s impossible with affirmative alternatives. Speaking positively is the key to making visitors happy. They’ll appreciate helpful professionalism.

Collect Personal Information

To retain clients and increase spa sales, gather information including email and home addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays. Then use Daysmart Spa to deliver birthday promotions and bargain holiday facials. When customers skip typical intervals, send “We miss you!” messages with skincare product discounts to lure them back. Reward loyal regulars with Daysmart Spa gift cards for free services and products. Ongoing marketing communications helps solidify relationships and make your shop a standout.

Remember Patrons’ Details

Recalling customers’ shared facts will impress them. To make them feel special, mention their new jobs, promotions, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and recent vacations. Connecting with guests on a personal level inspires repeat visits.

Compliment Your Clients

Everyone loves receiving compliments. Praise makes patrons feel good while creating positive experiences. So admire their punctuality, clothes, personalities, or talents sincerely. After makeovers, rave about their new looks.

Stay Knowledgeable

Market leaders in various professions earn more money by prioritizing knowledge. Informed personnel provide better quality work, higher spa sales, and gain extra respect. Offer frequent training classes so all of your staffers can be experts on all current services and treatments.

Add Value

Spa days are pampering breaks for patrons. So make them memorable treats by offering little extras. During consultations, knead clients’ shoulders briefly. Indulge visitors with free mini treatments before massages. Spa guests’ top complaint is that their was too much pressure used during massages so make sure your employees talk to their client on their personal preference to enhance customer experiences.

Guarantee Everything

Rather than complaining, most unhappy clients just don’t return. You can’t afford to forfeit spa sales. So guarantee all services and merchandise. Be sure that your patrons feel comfortable enough voicing their opinions. Otherwise, you could lose clients and never understand why. Approach any challenges calmly without being defensive. Listen to customers’ perspectives. Ask appropriate questions to address their issues, and offer empathetic solutions.

Give 100 Percent Always

Even when employees’ spirits are low, they should give their all to customers and teammates. Some focus just on what they get at work when considering what they contribute is better and uplifting. Look for good, not bad. Concentrate on right over wrong. Emphasize contentment and spread joy. When optimistic, positives are obvious. Encourage everyone to form successful habits, develop faith in personal abilities, promise to pursue excellence, and pledge to keep on giving.


Daysmart Spa Software can help you provide all-star customer service keeping clients happy and your spa successful! Find out more about some of our best software features or try it out for yourself free for 14 days!

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