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Powerful features to keep spas running right.

Find out more about DaySmart Spa’s great features and the benefits they bring to spa businesses everyday.

Daily Operations

Features to help you run your business every day.

Appointment Booking

Meet your spa’s new best friend – your new digital
appointment book!

Client Management

Clear, organized, and accessible—Client Management has never been so simple!

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Performance Dashboards

Keep track of your spa’s KPI’s at-a-glance with DaySmart Spa’s handy Dashboard feature!

Reputation Management

They’re talking about you online. Get into the conversation!

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Payroll Processing

Payroll that is easy to set up, easy to run, and integrated with your sales!!

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Grow profits

Streamline your processes and maximize profits

Appointment Reminders

Eliminate No-Shows With Automated Appointment Reminders!

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Email Marketing

DaySmart Spa Will Help Get The Word Out!

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Text Marketing

Catch Your Clients Where They Are—On Their Phones!

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Two-Way Texting

Send, Receive, Reply from Within DaySmart Spa!

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Expand Your Brand

Increase Efficiency
with Technology

Online Booking

Online Scheduling and Online Booking at Its Best!

Mobile Apps

It’s Like Having a Mini DaySmart Spa Right In Your Pocket!

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Integrated Payments

Save Per Swipe and Enjoy Faster Check Outs!

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