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Why I Won’t Have Any Tattoo Regrets When I’m Old

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Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? If so, you’re definitely not alone.

In today’s world, more people have tattoos than ever before. In fact, about 40% of American adults have at least one piece of beautiful art on their bodies.

So, what’s stopping you from getting the design of your dreams.

It might be the age-old question, “Will I regret getting a tattoo?”

As a fellow tattooed human, I totally get the anxiety. However, I’m hoping that my own personal input and experience will help you to stop worrying about potential tattoo regrets.

Read on to learn more about why I still love my tattoos, and why I’ll continue to feel that way when I’m 90 years old.

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1. I’ll be the Coolest Person in the Nursing Home

Are you concerned that your tattoos will “look bad,” become faded, or stretch out as you age?

Let me put that anxiety out of your mind once and for all.

First of all, take a look at these incredibly cool seniors who are all sporting ink that looks as fresh as the first day that they got it. I would so want to sit next to them at the bingo table in the nursing home, and ask them to tell me their life stories.

Additionally, remember that tattoos can and should be touched up and recolored from time to time. Just like taking good care of your clothes and your health, you also need to do a little maintenance on your tattoos.

That’s easier than ever these days.

It’s no problem — and not crazy expensive, either — to get your tattoo touched up if you notice that it’s started to fade a little bit.

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2. Tattoos are More Popular than Ever

However, regretting tattoos is now a thing of the past, because pretty much everyone I know has at least one tattoo.

As body art, tattoos, and piercings become more accepted in the workplace and in the world at large, getting a tattoo isn’t the huge, life-altering decision that it once was.

So, more and more people are making the choice to put them on their bodies.

Personally, I love that tattoos are pretty much totally accepted these days.

It’s hard to feel regret or shame about something when so many other people have made the same choice that you have!

Plus, I’ve made some awesome friendships because of my tattoos. People use them as conversation starters, ask about their meaning, or even want to know where I went to get them done.

The tattoo community is awesome, and I’m super lucky to be a part of it.

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3. They’re Seriously Beautiful

Another reason why I don’t have any tattoo regrets now, and know I won’t in the future?

Because I think they’re seriously stunning.

When I got my tattoos, I made sure that I took the time to do my research.

I worked with artists who could replicate my personal sense of style and whose own creativity could take my designs to the next level.

I made sure that I went to see professionals that had plenty of experience and a great reputation in the industry.

I even keep in touch with some of my tattoo artists today, and the friendships we have just makes my pieces even more meaningful.

I love the bright colors, creative designs, and overall look of the way my tattoos work together. I like to thin k of myself as a walking work of art — that everyone can interact with.

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4. My Tattoos tell My Story

The main reason why I know I won’t wind up with tattoo regrets when I’m old and gray?

Because they each represent a part of my life, someone who was important to me, or a place that I felt a special connection to.

In short, they help me to tell my story, and they remind me of all that I’ve been through.

Sometimes, I find myself thinking of my tattoos as a map of my life. The words on my wrist remind me that I can stay strong and make it through anything.

The memorial tattoo I got after my aunt passed away helps to keep her smile alive and traveling along with me.

The tiny Italian flag on my shoulder serves as a memory of that crazy and beautiful summer I spent in Milan, riding motorcycles and eating more cheese than I thought humanly possible.

I don’t have any tattoo regret now, because I don’t regret any of those experiences.

Instead, they’re a part of what makes me, me. Just like my tattoos themselves. That’s what I love the most about them.

tattoo regrets

Will You Have Tattoo Regrets? No Way!

I hope this post has helped you to understand that tattoo regrets are officially a thing of the past.

While getting a tattoo is no longer taboo, you still need to make sure that you’ve thought long and hard about the design that you’d like to have on your body for the rest of your life.

Creating something unique and personally meaningful is the best way to stave off tattoo regret.

So, how can you draw the perfect design?

Meet with artists who are professional, take the design seriously, and are willing to listen to your vision and add to it.

If you’re an artist yourself and would like to learn more about how to make tattoo software a part of your shop, be sure to check out the InkBook software website for more info and a free trial.

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