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First Tattoo: Best Places on the Body to Suggest to Customers

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In the past, tattoos were less common. Oftentimes, the people who were likely to have one tattoo would end up with several. Now, an estimated 38% of young adults have at least one tattoo, making tattoos more popular than ever. 

Getting your first tattoo can be a big deal. First-timers may have more reservations about design, size, and placement than clients who are coming back for their second, third, or tenth tattoo. 

As a tattoo artist, you want to make sure that your clients have a positive experience from the moment they interact with your online software to the moment they leave your studio. Talking to them about where to get their first tattoo is a great way to make them feel comfortable and confident in their decision and your work.

Read on to learn more about how you can help your clients decide where to get their first tattoo.

Which Tattoo Placements Aren’t Ideal for a First Tattoo?

The last thing you want is for your clients to regret their first tattoo. According to a small survey of 600 people, up to 75% of respondents admitted that they had some regrets about at least one of their tattoos. Let’s take a look at some of the areas you may want to discourage your first-time client from choosing for their first tattoo.

Above the Shoulders

Getting a tattoo on the neck or face is a big decision and one that should be made by folks who know it won’t cause trouble in their professional lives. Professional musicians, chefs, and tattoo artists can likely pull off that look. Someone who works in, for example, a bank–not so much. 

On the Ribcage

The closer a tattoo is to bone, the more it’s going to hurt. First-timers aren’t familiar yet with the feeling of getting a tattoo, nor do they know how high their pain tolerance is. While ribcage tattoos are very popular, you may want to let your first-time client know that the ribcage is one of the most sensitive areas to tattoo and therefore not the best starting place.

On the Foot

We’ve seen an influx in foot tattoos, from anchors to eternity signs. These tattoos may be cute for a few years, but there is a major drawback to investing in a foot tattoo. Feet exfoliate more than most areas of the body, which means that a foot tattoo is going to fade quickly–and clients tend to be disappointed when this inevitably happens.

Selecting Placement for Minimal Pain

What should you tell a first-time client who is worried about pain? Of course, there’s no area of the body that will experience zero pain during the tattooing process. No matter what, you’re still taking a needle to the skin.

However, there are a few areas that tend to feel less pain during the tattooing process. This can vary based on body type, but a good rule of thumb is that if an area has a little more meat on it, it’s not going to be as bad.

For example, most people find that getting the front or side of their thigh tattooed isn’t that painful. A fleshier forearm can also provide a softer landing spot for a first tattoo. Calves are also a decent place for tattoo placement, although it’s worth noting that tattooing the front of a calf will cause more pain than tattooing the back.

Selecting Placement for Discretion and Easy Coverage

It’s not uncommon to encounter first-time clients who want to get their first tattoo but don’t want it to be visible at all times. These are the people who may only want one tattoo total, so it’s important that they like what they end up with. 

Most of the time, people who want a discrete tattoo are worried about being able to hide their tattoo in a professional setting. Talk to them about the way they dress when they’re at work and what areas they can comfortably cover with clothing or accessories. 

For example, small wrist tattoos are easy to cover with a long sleeve shirt or a watch. Shoulder tattoos are generally covered at work unless tanktops are permissible. Anything near the abdomen is also typically covered in a professional setting although, as we mentioned earlier, this can be a sensitive area to tattoo. 

Selecting Placement for Maximum Visibility 

Every once in a while, you’ll encounter a client who wants their first tattoo to pack a huge punch. Although they haven’t gone under the needle before, they’re ready to get some ink that will make a bold statement. 

These tattoos may take multiple sessions, but the trick is to select a placement with maximum visibility. Perhaps the most classic placement is the upper or full arm for either a half sleeve or full sleeve.

Another area that is growing in popularity is the calf. Getting a big, full-color tattoo that wraps around the calf is a great way to show off a first tattoo. 

Make That First Tattoo Experience a Good One

When clients come in for their first tattoo, they’re not just looking for a great artist. They’re also looking for someone with the know-how and the patience to help them decide how big the tattoo should be, what colors they should use, where to place the tattoo, and more. We hope that our guide has given you some insight into how you can help your clients with their first tattoo.

At Daysmart Software, we do more than offer advice. We provide software that makes everything from booking to payment easy, streamlined, and professional. To find out more about how our software can boost your business, sign up for a free trial today.


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