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My Client Wants a What on Their Face? How Tattoo Artists Should Deal with Face Tattoos

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Did you know that about 72 percent of people with tattoo usually have them hidden by clothing a lot of the time? The growing face tattooing trend changes this. Social media is already awash with people posting photos of their face tattoo with the hashtag #facetattoo.

Face tattooing put tattoo artists in an awkward position. The customer says they want. But, are they going to feel the same way tomorrow morning? Dealing with this situation can be a minefield for tattoo artists to navigate. Check out our helpful guide for dealing with the face tattoo trend. Let’s get started!

Face Tattooing – A Dilemma For Tattoo Artists

Every occupation has common ethical dilemmas which enter their daily lives. For tattoo artists, this is awkward requests for tattoos. There is nothing simple about working out the right course of action when dealing with customers desperate for a giant slogan on their cheek or a symbolic pattern on their forehead.

Sure, there are plenty of tattoo artists who only care about money. They’ll do anything for the right price. However, for others, it’s a challenging decision. It’s not exclusively because they’re altruistic either. Of course, you don’t want to be responsible for someone doing something stupid which they regret.

A face tattoo comes with lots of consequences. Shunned by society at large for being “strange.” It could also damage employment opportunities. Up to 80 percent of employers would be less likely to hire someone with a tattoo on their face, according to one study.

More than that, you don’t want customers to return to you blaming you for their face tattoo. This could result in a bunch of legal and commercial problems down the line.

You’ve Got Some Explaining To Do

If you conclude that the customer is serious about getting a face tattoo, you need to explain your reservations. You may agree with many other tattoo artists that the facial skin is not appropriate for tattoos.

One tattoo artist says the face doesn’t provide “quality skin” for tattoos. He adds, “there’s no capacity for it to be my canvas.” Tattoos on such sensitive parts of the skin, such as the hands and feet as well, can also fade and smudge much faster. Therefore, the customer may expect to regularly return to you for touch-ups.

Another tattoo artist agrees. He considers the face too “sacred.” Is this your view as well? It’s important to patiently explain to your customers why you’re not willing to do tattoos for them on certain areas of the body.

If you find yourself explaining this regularly it may be appropriate to write it down as a policy for your studio.

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Your Priority Is Your Reputation

Your reputation is everything for you. It only takes one huge mistake for your enterprise to crumble. You’ve probably worked so hard to build your reputation from the ground up. Don’t allow it to come tumbling down over a face tattoo.

Remember, when the customer walks out of the door with your tattoo, they’re a walking advertisement for your studio. You can’t hide from it. Even if the customer says that they really want the face tattoo, you know you’ll get blamed if something goes wrong or they regret it.

Make A Judgement

You can’t ignore the context of the tattoo request. Imagine if the actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ arrives at your tattoo studio asking for a face tattoo. The guy already as 8 tattoos which cover a lot of his body.

That’s pretty different circumstances compared to a young kid without a tattoo asking for a slogan over his forehead. The sober adult who already has a history of tattoos could be considered at his/her word. The young dude who spontaneously thought about it should be marched out the door.

In other words, if the customer is already heavily tattooed, odds are that they have thought about the prospect of a face tattoo for some time. You’d be wise to take this into account, especially if you have been involved in the other tattoos.

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Ask The Customer To Think Again

If the customer wants the tattoo, you can’t actually stop them. There’s always some other tattoo artist who will do it for them. While turning down business is tough, rejecting the request for a face tattoo could be the right choice. You don’t have to turn them down outright.

Just encourage them to go away and think about it more. They can then book an appointment and return to you for the tattoo. At least, this could help them to reflect on whether they really want the tattoo. Make sure they know the consequences.

Society’s perception of face tattoos and body art generally is improving. However, the consequences for the customer could still be severe.

Always Cover Your Back When It Comes To Face Tattooing

If you’re convinced that the customer really wants the face tattoo, you could draft a document which releases you of responsibility if anything goes wrong. Just get the customer to sign the agreement. This could include an agreement that touch-ups won’t be included in the payment and your take no responsibility for the consequences.

The Face Tattooing Trend

It’s never easy to know how to deal with a demanding customer who wants a face tattoo. You’ve got to hold strong and do what you think is the right decision.

Next time a customer comes into your studio requesting a face tattoo remember our tips and tricks for dealing with this tricky situation.

Do you want to know more about the pros and cons of conventions in the tattoo industry? Check out our blog post here.

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