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10 Ways to Make Your Spa Menu Sell More

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As a spa owner, you know how important your spa menu is for attracting new clients and for marketing.

Your clients use the menu to make a decision on treatments based on price, descriptions, and interests. Experiences such as facials, massages, and anti-wrinkle injections are high-value purchases, and clients expect the menu to tell them everything they need to know.

But did you realize that spa menus can also be used to help increase sales?

With a few simple changes, you may be able to use your menu to drive higher sales— keep reading to find out how.

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1. Know Your Audience

When working on spa menu design, it’s important to keep your audience in mind. Who are they, and how can you design your menu to appeal to them?

Defining your target market is essential for any business. Established businesses may already have strong data on their customers, but if you’re starting out, analyze your competition and think about where your spa fits within the market.

Consider your ideal customers and think about their age, income, marital status, gender, occupation, location, and background– all of these factors can be used to create a menu that attracts their attention.

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2. Your Spa Menu Should List Prices

Seems obvious, but your spa menu should always list prices for all services.

Some spas prefer not to include this information, but finding out prices is the main reason that many people look at spa menus in the first place.

Your pricing should be upfront, easy to understand, and accurate. You can also list any special offers and promotions on your menu.

3. List Features and Benefits

One of our top spa menu tips is to include features and benefits for all of your spa treatments.

For example, explain in detail how a hot stone massage works. But then go further to add on the benefits of the treatment— for example, it eases stiffness, improves circulation, etc.

This technique can help ‘close the sale’ when deciding what treatment to get. It also helps them decide as they can select a treatment that provides the benefits they’re looking for.

It can also be helpful to someone coming to a spa for the first time. If you’re new to the experience, it can be a little confusing and intimidating, so detailed descriptions of each treatment help them know what to expect.

4. Hire a Copywriter

As a professional, accredited spa, you want to reflect your high standards in your spa menu.

However, if the menu contains spelling errors or formatting problems, clients might think your spa has poor attention to detail.

To help your menu look as best as it can, hire a copywriter to help you not only with grammatical issues, but also to develop flowing, engaging copy that will convince customers to spend.

5. Offer Online Booking

If you want to sell more, you need to offer online bookings for your spa. Your spa menu will also need to be online, on your website, with a link to the booking form.

In a busy world, clients want convenience. We browse, research, and book appointments from our smartphones constantly, as it’s faster and easier than making a phone call.

If your spa isn’t offering online booking, clients are like passing you by in favor of a competitor.

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6. Categorize Items

It can help to categorize items on your menu, such as facials, massages, Retinol treatments, etc.

By having a clear order to your menu, it helps clients quickly find what they’re looking for. Make sure each category has a clear, bold header, allowing clients to better navigate the menu.

7. Offer Spa Packages

A great way to use your spa menu to sell more products is to create spa packages. Can you combine some of your most popular treatments into a special spa day offer?

If you can, offer the experience at a slightly lower cost than it would cost to purchase each treatment individually. It may help encourage them to spend a bit more, but to have a much more immersive experience.

Or, create add-ons that clients can add to each treatment, such as LED therapy, foot massage, or scalp massage. Often, if they see optional extras on the menu, they will be tempted to splurge.

You can also create packages around current spa trends, as they’re likely to attract notice.

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8. Spa Menus Are Marketing Tools

It’s helpful to think of your menu as a marketing tool. For many, looking at the menu will be a make-or-break experience, where they decide to either book your spa or go somewhere else.

Put some time into crafting a menu with an elegant design, inviting and descriptive copy, and easy to read fonts and headers.

9. Focus on the Client

Your menu should focus on the client, not on yourself.

For example, customers visit your spa to relax, feel and look more refreshed, or have quality pampering time. They don’t necessarily want to know about your spa’s history or ownership when they look at the menu.

Try to write your menu in a way that highlights how a customer will look and feel after time at your spa, with the focus on their needs and interests.

10. Add Images

Another top way to upsell is to add images to accompany spa treatments you want to push.

For example, if you have a new facial you hope to sell more of, why not add an image of a guest enjoying the experience?

When looking at a menu, our eyes are usually drawn to images before text, so a few well-placed photos can make a big difference when clients are deciding which treatment to purchase.

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Contact Us to Learn More About Spa Software and Menus

Do you need help with your spa menu, or with integrating your menu into a new booking management system?

If so, contact us today. Daysmart Spa Medical Spa Software is the perfect product for your spa management needs.

It can assist with online booking, point of sale, payroll, client data, and more, giving your spa all the tools it needs to increase efficiency. Plus, it’s available for a free 14-day trial.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting with all of your spa management needs.

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