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National Friendship Day: Why Spa Friends Are the Best Friends

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Studies have shown that most people spend about 90,000 hours at work over the course of their lives. That represents about 30 percent of their total time and indicates just how invested people are when it comes to their jobs.

As a spa owner or spa employee working a full week, this probably sounds all too familiar! How do people survive all that time in the spa?

Some stay motivated by thinking about all the money they’re making. Others feel fulfilled by the kind of work they’re doing. But the majority of people are able to go into work day in and day out and enjoy it because of their spa friends.

Many people find that their friends at work turn into their best friends over time. They spend so much time with them that they become closer and closer until they’re eventually inseparable.

Here are some of the reasons why people say their work friends are also their best friends.

Spa Friends Share Many of the Same Struggles

No matter how much you love your spa job, there are probably certain things about it that you wish you could change.

For example, you might wish one of your managers was a little bit nicer. Or you might wish that people would stop stealing your lunch out of the refrigerator in the break room. Or you might wish you didn’t have to work weekends to accommodate your clients.

Your spa friends share the same struggles as you and help make them a little bit more tolerable. When you know that you aren’t the only one dealing with a bad manager or mean clients, it can take the edge off your job.

Your friends at the spa will commiserate with you and let you know that they, too, share a lot of the same thoughts and opinions as you.

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They See Each Other At Their Highest and Lowest Points

When you spend eight or more hours every day working alongside your spa friends, they’re going to see you at both your highest and lowest points.

They’re going to be there when your boss calls you into their office one day to give you a well-deserved promotion. They’re also going to be there the day you come back from lunch with tears in your eyes because your boyfriend broke up with you.

Similarly, you’re going to be there to see them at their high and low points. It’s going to bring you a lot closer and make you more than just spa friends.

Over time, as more and more of these situations pop up, you’re going to find your spa friends transforming into your actual friends and then later becoming your best friends. It’s a fun journey to take.

They Talk About Everything Under the Sun

When you’re spending as much time together as you and your spa friends are, you’re inevitably going to discuss, well, just about everything. You’re going to talk about:

You’re literally going to learn everything there is to know about your friends at the spa, and they’re going to learn everything about you. That will bring you closer and turn your friends at the spa into your best friends.

They Learn How to Depend on One Another on a Daily Basis

You’re going to do more than just gossip and chit-chat with the people at work. You’re also going to be spending a lot of time actually working.

As you do, you’re going to need to learn to depend on one another. From covering shifts for one another to coming up with great ideas together, you and your friends at the spa will have each other’s backs.

You’ll all come to appreciate how you’re always there for one another.

They Witness the Growth in One Another

You and your spa friends will watch each other grow, both inside and outside of the workplace.

You’ll see one of your close friends at work go from being an beginner to being a top-level employee to being an associate and, finally, to being a manager. You’ll also see them go from being a single person to being a married person to being a mother or father.

Conversely, they’ll see you grow and go through all of those same stages as well. And in the midst of it all, your friendship will grow. It’ll be great for you and your spa friends to experience the different stages.

spa friends

They Start Spending Time Together Outside of the Spa

In order for your spa friends to truly turn into your best friends, you’ll eventually need to start hanging out after spa hours. It’ll happen organically if you let it.

In the beginning, you might only hang out with them outside the office during company picnics and events. But before long, you’ll be having dinner parties together and catching up for concerts. This will allow you to experience your friendship outside the confines of your spa.

You’ll be able to solidify a real friendship based on things other than just the spa. And even if you and your friends at work end up going your separate ways in a professional sense, you’ll never lose that bond that you form.

After you and your friends at the spa turn into best friends, you’ll be friends for a long time and you’ll have your spa career to thank for it.

Spa Friends Can Make Every Day a Blast for You

Do you want to make lots of work friends and love what you do every day? Consider working at a spa or opening up a spa of your own.

You’ll form relationships with those working around you, and you and your friends at work will really enjoy spending time at the spa. Before long, you’ll be like a little family and will wonder what you ever did before you started working at the spa together.

Check out our blog to read more about all of the benefits that come along with working at a spa.

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