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DaySmart Spa Software for Dermatologists

Dermatologist Software To Help You Run Your Practice

Run your dermatology practice more efficiently with the help from DaySmart Spa.

DaySmart Spa includes many business management features to keep your patients informed and your practice running smoothly including:

  • online appointment booking
  • appointment reminders by text, email, or both
  • client management features including detailed notes capability
  • business management tools including marketing and payroll
  • seamless, secure credit card processing through DaySmart Spa Integrated Payments and so much more.
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Dermatology Software Appointment Book

DaySmart Spa’s color-coded appointment book makes scheduling simple, empowers you to go paperless, and helps you book patient appointments more efficiently than ever.

Save even more time by combining DaySmart Spa’s appointment book with our software’s other features and let technology make the business side stress-free. Have more time to focus on what you do best.

Credit Card Processing

Integrated credit card processing with DaySmart Spa Integrated Payments simplifies checkouts for a seamless customer experience that also simplifies things for you. With integrated credit card process, you get:

  • Consolidated reporting (which means no more reconciling bank statements with closed tickets!)
  • DaySmart Spa’s Meet or beat rates (which means you’ll save on every swipe!)
  • Secure card number storage (which means you take online deposits and even charge for no-shows!)
  • Create your own membership and/or loyalty points program (which means your customers will keep coming back!)

Automatic Marketing

Getting promotions to the right clients at the right time has never been easier. Recurring campaigns ensure you never miss a birthday or anniversary, just pick a date for an e-mail blast and DaySmart Spa will send it for you!

DaySmart Spa lets you customize campaigns or create your own. Use data to target clients based on dozens of criteria like age, location, or date of last service. Get the information you need to analyze campaign performance in one easy-to-read dashboard with referral tracing, reporting tools, and open rate visibility.

Powerful Reports & Dashboard

DaySmart Spa software provides comprehensive and detailed reporting so you can make informed decisions about your business. With over 50 reports to choose from, DaySmart Spa has you covered.

Online Booking

Keep your dermatology business open 24/7 with powerful, customizable online booking. DaySmart Spa comes with a FREE customizable online appointment booking website. Your website contains online scheduling features, is entirely your own, and can easily connect to your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

If your practice already has a website, don’t worry. Your DaySmart Spa appointment booking website will serve as the portal to book appointments.

Payroll Processing

Streamline payday with DaySmart Spa’s robust payroll that is easy to set up and integrate with your sales. Set up and add commission profiles, configure employee payroll, and edit payroll employees from one easy-to-use tab.

Client Management

Use personalized services based on detailed client history to attract and retain more clients. Design a loyalty program, track purchases, and store photos and notes to provide an unforgettable experience for your clients.

Mobile Apps for Apple & Android

DaySmart Spa’s mobile apps are formatted to make managing your dermatology business on the run quick and easy. Check your appointment book. Check clients in and out. Review formula notes. It’s like having a mini version of DaySmart Spa right in your pocket!