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Customer Spotlight: Pure Touch Skin Center

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Pure Touch

Daysmart Spa customers are passionate small business owners who excel at what they do. As part of our commitment to supporting and educating entrepreneurs, we created a monthly Customer Spotlight series to showcase our customers’ expertise in growing successful businesses.

For this month’s Customer Spotlight, we sat down with Katherine Juarez, Director of Operations at Pure Touch Skin Center. Here’s the story of how Katherine got to where she is today:

What made you want to run a spa?

Before running Pure Touch, I worked in the cosmetic industry for 15 years. I was an RN at a hospital, doing research, but the job was intense. I moved into hair transplants, knowing I could make people happy. After that transition, I found a mentor—a surgeon who worked in facial reconstruction. With a bit of guidance, and through seeing their career, I knew I wanted to run my own business.

Fast forward to meeting with the owners of Pure Touch. At the time, they had 23 RNs and 12 receptionists, were open every day of the week and were continually adding new procedures to their services lists. Even with two medical directors, they were struggling to manage every aspect of the business efficiently.

When I came on, the first thing I did was look at the business and make sure everything was accounted for. With my experience in the plastic surgery and cosmetic field, I had several connections and friends who I could bring in to support operations. I was also able to provide hands-on training, which is something I love most about my job.

In particular, I wanted to make sure Pure Touch was using all the tools at its disposal—including Daysmart Spa software. The owners had bought Daysmart Spa just before I was hired, but no one had sifted through all the capabilities available to us. It was not being used to its fullest potential.

pure touch

How do you use Daysmart Spa to support your business?

I use Daysmart Spa to look at appointments every day. Using the dashboard, we can see how many appointments we have on a daily basis and what our business productivity is. Additionally, Daysmart Spa has an amazing feature that allows us to send automated text messages and email reminders when patients book appointments. This function helps us keep patients accountable.

More importantly, Daysmart Spa makes it incredibly easy to schedule follow-up appointments, which is essential in our industry. If a patient comes in for a procedure, like Botox, they need to come back in three months. With Daysmart Spa, our follow-up rate increased from 10% to 60%. And—since we switched to Daysmart Spa’s POS—we can charge patients as a no-show when they miss appointments.

Daysmart Spa also provides our business with great visibility. Using the software, we are able to toggle between our two locations. I can see retail sales, services sales and total sales on a daily, monthly or annual basis. The leaderboard shows me who brings in the most money to our practice. I can run a full client report to see how many clients were added on any given day and who hasn’t made an appointment recently. Based on this information, I can send out full marketing campaigns and email blasts to encourage repeat business and notify patients of promotional offers.

Ultimately, Daysmart Spa makes my life, and the lives of my employees, easier. It shows us when we’re running out of products and need to reorder, so there’s never a shortage. Profit and loss reports help to justify financial decisions, such as investing in a new piece of equipment. The information we need to do our jobs well is available and actionable within two minutes. That level of access is what sets us apart from other businesses and makes sure we are runny smoothly every day.

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