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Customer Spotlight: Toronto Ink

Mark Prata, owner of Toronto Ink

Mark Prata’s journey into tattooing began at the age of 16 when he walked into a street tattoo shop, eager to learn the trade. Starting with humble tasks like cleaning floors and making needles, he gradually earned his way to an apprenticeship. What began as a casual interest evolved into a lifelong passion for Mark, leading up to the opening of his own tattoo shop, Toronto Ink, in 2007—a studio renowned for its exceptional client experience and world-class artistry. 

From the beginning, Toronto Ink has garnered extensive media coverage and attracted an impressive roster of celebrity clientele, including Canadian Olympic athletes. With appearances on TV shows, music videos, and movies, coupled with features in various news outlets, Toronto Ink has gained widespread recognition. However, what truly sets Toronto Ink apart isn’t just its stunning tattoos or celebrity clientele; it’s the seamless fusion of art and embrace of technology that propels its success. 

Toronto Ink Tattoo stands as a premier destination for tattoo enthusiasts seeking exceptional artistry and a memorable experience. To provide such an experience, Mark relies on DaySmart Body Art.

For over a decade, DaySmart has served as the backbone of Toronto Ink’s operations. From managing appointments to nurturing client relationships, DaySmart has streamlined every aspect of the business. Its organizational tools store reference photos and notes to ensure no detail is overlooked, allowing Mark and his team to focus on their expertise—creating remarkable tattoos and unforgettable experiences. 

One of DaySmart’s standout features is its email marketing capabilities, which have been instrumental in keeping Toronto Ink’s clients engaged and informed. Whether announcing promotions for special occasions like birthdays or sharing updates through newsletters, DaySmart enables Toronto Ink to stay connected with its audience, fostering loyalty and driving business growth.  

Moreover, DaySmart’s checkout feature has played a crucial role in bolstering Toronto Ink’s online reputation. By simplifying the review process, DaySmart has encouraged satisfied clients to leave glowing testimonials on Google, further setting Toronto Ink apart from other competitors in the industry.  

In the tattoo industry, Mark Prata advises new business owners to prioritize client experience by investing in efficient tools like DaySmart and staying connected with clients through email marketing campaigns to foster engagement and loyalty. Mark also emphasizes the importance of reputation and to never stop learning to stay competitive in the ever-evolving industry. It’s these principles that have propelled Toronto Ink to the forefront of the industry, setting a new standard for excellence in tattoo artistry.  

As Toronto Ink continues to thrive and inspire, one thing remains clear: in an industry driven by passion and creativity, DaySmart Body Art is the secret weapon that empowers artists like Mark Prata to turn their visions into reality, one tattoo at a time.