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6 Best Veterinary Software Solutions for 2024

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Every year, the veterinary industry grows exponentially, with no signs of slowing down! With enhanced treatments available and higher levels of pet ownership than ever, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 19% increase in the overall veterinary sector by 2026. 

The truth is out of the kennel: People love their pets more than ever, and pet parents demand high-quality, compassionate care for their furry companions.

With such unprecedented growth, your vet practice must be poised to keep up. And having the right management tools for your practice is a necessity. Vet clinics must operate efficiently and effectively to keep pace with growing animal care needs. Challenges like appointment scheduling, client communication, and financial management can all be solved with ever-evolving technology to streamline your veterinary practice.

Imagine a typical day at your veterinary clinic: overflowing appointment books, frantic phone calls, mountains of paperwork, and chasing payments. At DaySmart, we know the challenges that animal pros face daily. And juggling administrative tasks with patient care can be overwhelming, leading to stress and burnout among practitioners, as well as unmet animal needs.

Fortunately, technology has emerged as a powerful ally for veterinary clinics. Veterinary practice management software is a game-changer for clinics of all types and sizes, streamlining operations, automating tasks, and providing valuable insights so that practices can deliver exceptional care while staying focused on their patients. Kind of like having a dedicated virtual assistant who never sleeps and always gets things done!

This guide will explore six of the best veterinary practice management software options on the market in 2024 so you can determine the best system for your practice.

What is Veterinary Management Software?  

Veterinary management software or Practice Information Management Software (PIMS) is a comprehensive suite of tools designed specifically for the needs of veterinary practices. Going beyond basic business management software by offering specialized functionalities that cater to the unique workflow and data requirements of animal healthcare, veterinary software is used to manage patient information, treatment planning, scheduling, and accounting for practices. 

Beyond this, veterinary management software aids clinics in diagnosis, case management, and efficient treatment delivery. Plus, with advanced versions available for hospitals and scaled-down versions for small clinics, there is a great VPM solution to cover all types of practices and needs.

Veterinary software comes in two main flavors: cloud-based and on-premise. 

Cloud-based software solutions offer flexibility and accessibility, allowing you to access crucial data from anywhere with an internet connection. On-premise solutions, on the other hand, can offer more control over data security but can also require an upfront investment in hardware and IT infrastructure.

Choosing between cloud-based and on-premise will depend on your specific needs and priorities. You’ll want to consider factors such as budget, technical expertise, and data security requirements when making your decision.

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How Can Veterinary Software Benefit Your Business? 

Implementing veterinary management software can bring a multitude of benefits to your practice. Here are just a few:

Key Features of the Best Veterinary Software 

With so many veterinary practice management options available, choosing the right solution can be daunting. To understand what sets the best veterinary software apart, let’s look at some key features that streamline your practice’s operations. Here are some essential features to look for:

Appointment Scheduling:

Electronic Medical Records:

Integrated Payment Processing:

Client Communication:

Inventory Management:

Reporting and Analytics:

What is the Best Veterinary Software? 

Choosing the “best” veterinary software depends on your practice’s specific needs and size. Here is a brief overview of some top-rated options on the market today.

DaySmart Vet: Best All-in-One Veterinary Practice Management Software

DaySmart Vet offers a comprehensive solution for all kinds of veterinary practices. 

With appointment scheduling and reminders, tools for online booking, an intuitive interface, collaborative medical note capabilities, two-way text reminders, and automated waitlists, DaySmart Vet helps with client management by providing detailed medical history tracking and customizable communication channels (such as email and SMS). 

To manage inventory and ordering, DaySmart Vet has real-time inventory tracking with automatic low-stock alerts and integrated ordering with distributors. To keep track of billing and invoicing, DaySmart Vet includes tools to create customizable invoices, take online payments, and integrate your payment processing. 

Worried about reporting and analytics? DaySmart Vet has you covered, providing comprehensive reports on appointments, revenue, client activity, and more. Additionally, DaySmart Vet gives you access to a free mobile app for clients, marketing tools, and integrations with third-party apps.

DaySmart Vet users love its responsive customer service, ease of use, and regular updates and improvements with feedback from users.

A flexible pricing model makes DaySmart Vet ideal for scaling teams, with prices starting at just $116 a month.

If you’re interested in learning about DaySmart Vet’s features, check out our rundown of everything DaySmart Vet has to offer your practice.


If you like an almost overwhelming amount of options, ezyVet is a cloud-based software option packed full of tools and resources for all sorts of specific veterinary practices.

While ezyVet creates comprehensive medical record storage for all patient information in one place, including notes, diagnoses, medications, and vaccinations, and vets can manage appointments from the portal, users complain that their interface is extremely confusing and difficult to use. 

For inventory management, ezyVet tracks inventory levels, sets reorder points, and generates purchase orders. And to keep track of invoicing and payments, it provides tools to create and send invoices, accept online payments, and manage client accounts. Plus, it can generate reports on appointments, revenue, client activity, and more. 

With some integration options with labs and pharmacies, users enjoy the cloud-based system, customization, simple navigation, and customer service.

Pricing plans start at $215 per month for one user, but ezyVet offers discounts for multisite clinics and special offers for groups over 250 people, like corporate groups, education institutions, and large hospitals.


Shepherd focuses on client communication with automated appointment reminders, personalized treatment plans, and online pet portals. Storing and sharing medical records, medical images, treatment notes, and lab results helps to streamline processes like appointment scheduling, invoicing, and medication reminders through automation.

Shepherd manages inventory levels, tracks costs, and generates purchase orders. Plus, you’ve got the option to create customizable dashboards and reports to gain insights into practice performance. Shepherd also offers telemedicine, a mobile app for clients, and integrations with other platforms.

Users cite Shepherd’s ease of use and intuitive design as reasons they made the switch.

Pricing, however, can be a barrier for some, with packages starting at $299 a month for one doctor, including a free trial and unlimited users. Each additional doctor adds $99 a month, although discounts for larger practices are available.


Digitail brings cloud-based power to veterinary practices, streamlining workflows and fostering clear communication. Digitail houses comprehensive medical records for easy access, organizing client relationships with integrated messaging and record sharing. Financial management offerings let you send invoices, manage payments, and generate insightful reports, all at your fingertips. Plus, pet parents enjoy a user-friendly mobile app to stay engaged and informed wherever they are.

Users compliment Digitail’s cloud accessibility, constant updates, and customer support. Its ease of use, powerful features, and mobile app engagement are major wins. While the $150/month starting price is higher than some competitors, Digitail’s comprehensiveness and user-friendliness can be worth the investment for some vet’s needs. 


PetDesk prioritizes communications between veterinary practices and clients to make sure pets get the best care while saving the most time.

With built-in tools for email marketing, loyalty programs, and online reputation management, users can send automated appointment reminders and confirmations to reduce no-shows and improve client communication. There’s also two-way texting to simplify direct communication with clients. PetDesk helps process online payments and accepts payments securely through the client portal. With a simple interface, it’s not too difficult for veterinary staff to learn. Like Hippo Management, PetDesk includes a mobile app option for clients.

PetDesk users cite the software’s ease of use and compatibility with modern technology. Plans for PetDesk start at $99 a month.


Weave is a communication software compatible with most medical providers, including veterinary practices. Focusing on team collaboration and communication with real-time messaging, task management, and shared patient records, Weave’s cloud-based platform allows you to access your data from any device, anywhere. 

With online booking, automated reminders, and two-way text confirmation making appointment scheduling a breeze, you can track client information, medical history, and communication preferences. Weave allows users to create and send invoices, accept online payments, and manage client accounts. 

Plus, comprehensive reports on practice performance, client engagement, and more are available through analytics. And Weave includes a mobile app for clients, as well as integration options with third-party apps.

Users enjoy Weave’s phone integration, call logging, and client communication. Pricing is available by request. 

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A Summary of the Best Veterinary Practice Software for 2024

FeatureDaySmart VetezyVetShepherdDigitailPetDeskWeave
FeaturesCustomizable templatesCloud-based, affordableIntuitive interface, easy to useCloud-based, payment management includedMobile-first design, client communication toolsAdvanced analytics and reporting capabilities
Customer FeedbackCapterra rating: 4.5 starsCapterra rating: 4.7 starsCapterra rating: 5.0 starsCapterra rating: 4.8 starsCapterra rating: 4.8 starsCapterra rating: 4.1 stars
Starting Price$116/month$215/month$299/month$150/month$99/monthQuote-based Plan
ProsAll-in-one solution, cloud-based, affordableCloud-based, affordableEasy to use, good for smaller practicesOffers a free trial and training optionsMobile-friendly, strong client communication toolsAdvanced analytics and reporting, high customer satisfaction
ConsTakes time to migrate to a new system, but worth the investment!Steep learning curve, Difficult to implement, Limited featuresLimited features compared to other optionsNo Windows or Linux desktop optionsLimited features compared to other optionsMore expensive than other options

Our Method for Choosing the Best Veterinary Practice Management Software 

Choosing the best veterinary software for your practice involves careful consideration. Let’s unpack a few crucial elements to select veterinary software that’s right for you!

Sizes and Needs of Your Practice

Consider the unique aspects of your vet practice. How many patients do you serve regularly? How many vets do you employ? Vet techs? Administrators? What are your plans for scaling the business in the future? What’s your budget? Keep your needs in mind when assessing a software’s ability to provide for your business.


Be sure to align necessary software features with the specific requirements of your veterinary practice. For example, smaller practices should prioritize essential features and avoid unnecessary functionalities. Overall, each practice should evaluate the comprehensiveness of features for a holistic approach.

Ease of Use

Opt for software with an intuitive interface and comprehensive training resources. Ensure user-friendly interfaces for both staff and clients, supported by training and onboarding resources provided by the software vendor.


Listen, we know security is important. Prioritizing robust security measures to protect sensitive patient information and staying aware of compliance requirements with industry regulations is paramount to maintaining data integrity.


Look for software that can grow with your practice and adapt to evolving technological needs. Scalable software remains effective as your practice expands.

For more guidance, refer to DaySmart Vet’s VPM Buyer’s Guide here.

Find the Best Veterinary Software for YOU

Today’s veterinary industry demands efficient management, and choosing the best veterinary software is paramount for your practice. Understanding your unique needs and aligning them with features offered by software solutions, will allow you to elevate your clinic to new heights of service and success.

Think DaySmart Vet is the right software for your practice? Book a demo here.