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Veterinary Appointment Scheduling Software to Boost Efficiency  

DaySmart Vet appointment scheduling software empowers veterinary clinics to efficiently manage their daily operations. From patient management on the go to improved client communication and comprehensive customer support, DaySmart Vet is tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern veterinary practices.

Let’s imagine Dr. Smith from Massachusetts. She’s run a successful vet clinic for the past two decades, but a lot has changed technology-wise since she started her practice, and now she finds that she can’t quite keep up. 

Her clients keep missing appointments, her schedule is constantly backed up, and all her patients’ forms and information keep getting misplaced. She knew that if the practice continued this way, she’d likely have to close up shop. So, Dr. Smith made a change. Last year, she searched for ways to help manage her practice and boost efficiency. 

Knowing that she needed a solution to improve communication, offer online booking, streamline her schedule, and manage the clinic’s daily operations, she sought veterinary scheduling software to help her clinic climb back on top. But with so many options to choose from, how could she know which one was the best? 

To answer this question, she had to do some research. Which veterinary appointment software is best? What could meet her needs? The answer for her was DaySmart Vet!

Efficiently Manage Your Daily Operations 

DaySmart Vet enables clinics to stay organized, manage schedules, and consolidate client information in one centralized platform. Clients enjoy built-in features like:

Streamlined Schedule 

Streamline your daily schedule effortlessly with DaySmart Vet appointment scheduling software. From creating comprehensive medical records to efficiently managing tasks, collecting payments, and syncing across everyone’s calendars as soon as a new appointment is on the books, DaySmart’s intuitive platform saves clinics time while enhancing their productivity. With DaySmart Vet, you can focus on providing exceptional veterinary care while we handle the administrative details.

Online Booking Website 

Additionally, the software offers online booking capabilities, allowing clients to request appointments conveniently from anywhere, thereby increasing flexibility and accessibility. You can even collect payments online if you opt for integrated payment options, so if a worried pet parent forgets their wallet in an emergency, it’s not an issue.

Reduced No-Shows 

DaySmart Vet appointment scheduling software includes automated reminders sent via text and email, providing a proactive solution to reduce no-shows and enhance appointment adherence. These reminders serve as gentle prompts for clients, ensuring they are reminded of their upcoming appointments in a timely manner. By leveraging features like DaySmart’s:

  • Pet Portal: Our client-facing PetCare mobile app allows clients to request appointments, make payments, view pet health data, and request prescriptions
  • Two-Way Texting: Practices can message their clients in real-time regarding appointment updates, hospitalized patients, and more

Clinics can significantly minimize missed appointments, improve client satisfaction, and streamline their scheduling processes for optimal efficiency.

Digital Forms and Waivers

DaySmart Vet’s software provides digital forms and waivers, enabling clinics to speed up the intake process by sending forms to clients digitally before their appointments.  This eliminates paper-based processes and maintains detailed and accurate records. This paperless approach includes customizable SOAP notes that can be customized to the practice’s preferences and also allow multiple staff members to work in a patient’s chart at once to increase collaboration. Overall, paperless forms enhance efficiency, reduce administrative burdens, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Vet Scheduling Software Tailored for Different Practice Types 

DaySmart Vet appointment scheduling software is meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of various veterinary practice types. Whether you operate a general practice, specialize in production animals, handle emergencies, serve corporate groups, focus on equine care, or are affiliated with universities, our software offers tailored solutions to streamline your operations and elevate patient care.

DaySmart veterinary appointment software is tailored to meet the diverse needs of veterinary practices across different specialties. Whether you operate a general practice, specialize in production animals, handle emergencies, serve corporate groups, focus on equine care, or are affiliated with universities, our software offers customizable solutions to streamline operations, improve productivity, and elevate patient care.

How Does DaySmart Vet Scheduling Software Work? 

DaySmart Vet’s scheduling software seamlessly integrates with existing calendars, allowing clinics to control availability, set preferences, and share booking links via email and social media. Moreover, the software facilitates online payments, offering convenience and flexibility for clinics and clients.

Step One: Establish a connection with your calendar

Integrating the DaySmart veterinary scheduling system is a crucial first step toward optimizing your clinic’s scheduling process. Our expert team will handle the setup process, ensuring that your calendar is synchronized in real time to prevent any possibility of double bookings. Our group will take care of this for you. Save time, minimize the risk of scheduling conflicts, and let your providers get back to doing what they do best: providing excellent service to your furry clients.

Step Two: Establish schedule guidelines

With DaySmart’s intuitive interface, you can control schedule preferences and availability. No matter what happens in your business, from new opening hours to staff meetings and events, DaySmart’s software lets you change your schedule to meet the needs of your clinic. For easy viewing and classification of the appointments on your schedule, you can create different appointment types, each with distinct titles, colors, and a variety of defaults. Stay efficient while ensuring both your clinic’s and your client’s needs are met. 

Step Three: Distribute availability wherever

Include DaySmart’s online booking capabilities directly on your website or distribute booking links via web chat, social media, text messaging, and email marketing. Reach your clients wherever they are and help your appointment slots fill up effectively. 

Step Four: Accept appointments and payments!

Take payments at the time of booking, accept reservations (free of conflicts with other events on your calendar), and send automated reminders with no effort on your part. By enabling online deposits at the time of booking, DaySmart’s veterinarian appointment booking system simplifies the payment process for clinics and clients while reducing no-shows and late cancellations. Thanks to the real-time availability sync, clients can easily reserve appointments without worrying about conflicts with other events on their calendars.

With DaySmart Vet, managing appointments and payments has never been easier.

DaySmart Vet Customer Testimonials & Reviews 

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some thoughts from our customers that show how DaySmart Vet has benefitted their business. 

DaySmart Vet’s appointment scheduling software has earned a remarkable 4.5-star rating, a testament to its excellence in the veterinary industry. Users praise its intuitive interface and robust functionality, which make navigating and utilizing the software a breeze. With features tailored to meet the diverse needs of veterinary clinics, DaySmart Vet empowers practices to streamline operations and deliver exceptional care to their patients. If you still don’t believe us, see our success stories

And if you’re looking for more kind words from happy DaySmart Vet customers… 

Our business is built on your success

Rated 4.7 stars

“Let me just say, this company knocked it out of the park. The cloud-based platform has been such a blessing and truly a game-changer for my business. DaySmart Vet has absolutely changed our business for the better and I’m looking forward to a very long relationship!” Dr. Jeremy Cramer, Lakeview Pet Hospital

“From paper to DaySmart Vet! It doesn’t get better than this. I’ve worked at several practices running different software programs, and I can honestly say DaySmart Vet has been the most user-friendly, innovative, and cost-effective tool when compared to the rest! A truly amazing product whether you’re running a large practice or just starting out!” Dr. Laura Palumbo, Palumbo Mobile Veterinary Services

“Our team loves working with DaySmart Vet. When a new member is added to our team, it takes less than one week for them to come up to speed because it is so easy to understand. Their technical support has been second to none. I’ve worked with many other veterinary software platforms, and DaySmart Vet beats them all! I would highly recommend DaySmart Vet to my colleagues looking for the best cloud-based platform on the market” Dr. Brittany Marvel, Chasing Tails Mobile Veterinary Services

“I am a big fan of DaySmart Vet. We wanted a program that was cloud-based, medical-record driven, easy to understand and learn, and powerful enough for our busy practice. What I like the most is that DaySmart Vet is innovative and intuitive. It is fully functional from a desktop PC, mobile laptop, Chromebook, iPad, and even a cellphone. Our conversion was seamless and far less complicated than expected. We experience excellent customer service, which continues through today.” Dr. Martin Fink, Hilton Animal Hospital

Integrations & Compatibility 

DaySmart Vet integrates seamlessly with a range of partners, including labs, imaging, diagnostics, marketing and communications platforms, pet services, practice management tools, and suppliers. These integrations enhance interoperability, streamline workflows, and optimize practice efficiency. With integrations to manage labs, accounting, communications, and more, DaySmart Vet is the single solution for all your practice needs. Increase productivity and automate your workflow with our complete list of partners. 


DaySmart Vet offers flexible pricing options starting at $116 per month (for one user). Many of our pricing plans include anywhere access, regular product updates, 24/7 support, and integrated payment capabilities. 

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a multi-doctor practice, our pricing adjusts to fit your needs. Pricing ranges from $116 per month for one user to $565 per month for 20 users. For practices with 25 or more users, please contact us for customized pricing options. 

Explore DaySmart pricing options and choose the plan that best suits your business needs.

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