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How You Can Use DaySmart Vet to Better Your Practice

A veterinary practice is a non-stop environment, with staff focusing on the best way to care for patients and business operations every minute of every day.

To do it all, your practice needs a reliable Patient Information Management System (PIMS) that helps you oversee everything happening at your practice from the moment you open your doors for the day to the second you close. DaySmart Vet’s modern and intuitive cloud-based software platform is helping veterinarians do that.

veterinarian using ipad instead of pen and paper

How can DaySmart Vet improve your daily operations? Let’s take a look:

Start with a holistic view of the day’s appointments 

Whether you begin the day by checking your laptop, phone, or tablet, you can access DaySmart Vet’s calendar to see everything that awaits your workday. You’ll have an overview of which patients are coming in, your staff schedule, and any downtime that can be used for emergency visits or managing the back-end of your practice. DaySmart Vet helps you set priorities, identify busy and slow times of the day, and allocate resources where you need them most.

Don’t stress about contacting patients

DaySmart Vet starts working before you’ve walked in the door. Its automated features have already been sending appointment reminders and generating tasks for your front office staff to make any important calls or send follow-up messages.

Improve the patient experience

Features like DaySmart Vet’s PetCare App allow your patients to simplify the check-in process and reduce waiting room times. They can use the app to check in and access online forms quickly from their phone. With our client-facing mobile app your clients can easily request appointments and prescription refills, submit payments, access pet health information, and more — taking the burden off your front desk staff.

Positive appointment experience

Digitize patient records

No folders, no printing, no filing. DaySmart Vet allows you to easily locate your patient records in real-time and use collaborative notes to allow your team to work in sync. Because the DaySmart Vet software solution integrates with over 30 veterinary solutions, you can get instant access to important information like labs, imaging, diagnostic, and other technology services. Your staff and patients always have the current version of records at their fingertips.

Patient checkout made easy

DaySmart Vet’s integrated payment processing features enable you to create invoices and collect payments in just a few clicks. Billing has never been easier! You can also create and send medical certificates directly to your patient portal.

Improved patient checkout experience

Wrap up the day

After your appointments are done for the day, get a full-picture view of how your practice is performing with reports that show trends around purchasing behavior, growth opportunities, and how your doctors are contributing to business performance. 

Seize your day with DaySmart Vet

DaySmart Vet is the all-in-one, cloud-based PIMS that’s built to help you seize your day so you can provide the best care to your patients. See how we can help you increase productivity and streamline workflows by meeting with one of our experts. Click here to book your free demo.