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New Mobile App Features: Flexibility on the Go!

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One of the greatest things about Daysmart Pet Software, beyond its flexibility, is how fast we can release new features and functionality. We are constantly enhancing our software to make it as efficient and user-friendly as possible for our clients and have recently made some great updates and added new features to our mobile app.

We understand how important it is to always have your business software available. With our latest mobile updates, being away from your shop doesn’t mean out of the loop.

Enhancements to our mobile app include:

• Improved Mobile Performance
• Context Sensitive Appointment Cards
• Embedded Maps for Driving Directions
• Vaccination Campaigns and Notifications
• Pet Ready for Pickup? Send a Text to the Owner!

Context Sensitive Appointment Cards

It’s all about context, isn’t it? With our new appointment cards, the functions available to you and your staff all depend upon whether that appointment is in the past, present or future. Now, when editing an appointment, you are presented with an “appointment card”, which loads faster, and shows an appointment summary with several commonly used functions for that appointment, given its context.

Future appointments can be rescheduled, current appointments could be marked as a ‘no show’, and past appointments can be voided. By presenting only the relevant functions, outstanding tasks can be easily accomplished from the appointment book.

Get Driving Directions with New Embedded Maps

Mobile groomers can now find their next appointment with our new embedded map feature. Right from the appointment book, you can access directions to your next appointment. Simply maintain your client addresses and Daysmart Pet will now guide you with turn by turn directions to your next groom, along with an estimated length of journey and expected arrival time. Just another step toward keeping you on schedule and keeping your clients satisfied.

Vaccination Notifications

Keeping track of vaccination status of every pet can be a real hassle. Admitting pets with expired vaccinations can be a real liability. Daysmart Pet now makes it easy to run campaigns that remind owners of upcoming expirations. Pets with expired vaccinations associated with their pet record will now spawn a warning when you try to book an appointment for that pet – keeping you up to date on expiration dates!

Text Notification When Pet is Ready for Pickup

Making the most of every minute is the secret to getting more done each day. It is our mission at Daysmart Pet to make every task more efficient. When a grooming is complete, you normally go into the appointment and check that groom as complete, so groomers know which dogs are done. Within that same appointment, you can now check a box to send a text message to the client: “Your pet is ready for pickup”. Then it’s on to the next dog!

As long as the client has a valid mobile number and you have enabled the messaging service, there are no more finding phone numbers, calling clients and leaving messages. This simple but powerful feature lets your client know their pet is ready for pickup and lets you get on with doing business.

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Other Mobile App Feature Improvements include:

Account Creation Re-design – We have modified how users create new accounts in our mobile apps making it more user-friendly and added elegant background images and simplified interactions.

Onboarding Training Pop-Ups – Using new systems can be confusing, so we have added pop-ups for new users which will provide pointers on each of the main screens.

Revamped Flow for Client Profile – By tapping ‘Book New Appointment’ you are now taken straight to the appointment book so you can quickly see your availability and add your new appointments more easily.

Pet Profile Changes– From one screen you can now see upcoming appointments for that pet, see any vaccination warnings, book any new appointment and conveniently open the corresponding client profile with one click.

Updated Date Picker– Jump out 1 to 8 weeks with the new date picker on both the appointment book and ticket screens so you can see your schedule, and rebook appointments faster.

Single Employee Improvements– New configuration options have been added for single employees, removing unnecessary options that aren’t required for smaller businesses.

Cloud Receipt Printing– Users can now wirelessly print receipts after closing tickets to printers that support AirPrint (iOS) or Google Cloud Print (Android).

CardConnect Sign up– We’ve enabled in-app signup for our newest payment processing partner, CardConnect. Users can now begin the signup process for Card Connect right through the app and begin saving on transaction fees, upgrading their credit card hardware and start securely storing credit card numbers.

Sync Improvements– We’ve changed how syncing works to better support users with very large databases and very slow Internet connections. There will be far fewer timeout problems now!

At Daysmart Pet Software, we appreciate that our customers are operating businesses in fast-paced environments, and we are committed to adding enhancements and features that improve the performance and user experience of our software. As always, if you have any questions about our latest updates (or anything at all!) please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

If you don’t already use Daysmart Pet Software for your grooming business, try it out today absolutely free!

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