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New: Features, Including Appointment Reminders!

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One of the awesome things about Daysmart Pet Cloud, beyond its flexibility, is how fast we can release new features and functionality. In the most recent release we’ve made it easier to keep clients and employees informed about appointment booking changes.

New Appointment Notifications

Cut down on no-shows and scheduling errors with our new client & employee notification options that make sure everyone is informed when appointments are made, changed or canceled. You can choose to turn on/off e-mail or text message notifications for each category, as well as customize message templates for e-mail and text message notifications.

Appointment Book Schedules

We’ve also made improvements to the appointment book which make it easier to distinguish between an employee with a schedule entered, an employee with no scheduled entered and an employee who does not have an active Remote Access account. We added a helpful shortcut link to quickly enter a work schedule for unscheduled employee.

We also made a few minor improvements:

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