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Dog Spa & Resort: Learn More About This New Pet Trend

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When was the last time your dog got a good grooming? Experts recommend getting your dog groomed about once a month. This is ideal for maintaining your pet’s health and wellbeing. A dog spa and resort are becoming a popular way to pamper your four-legged family member. These doggy salons take traditional grooming services a step further with special features. So what spa services for dogs do they offer besides getting scrubbed, clipped, and styled? Here’s everything you should expect when bringing your pet to a dog spa and resort.

Impressive Menu of Dog Spa and Resort Services

A dog spa and resort will go beyond the standard full-service wash, cut, and dry. They offer extra primping services, either as package deals or a la carte.


Expect to find dog soaking baths with special bathing systems to massage the dog. A dog spa and resort may also offer innovative hair coloring techniques. These refresh a dog’s natural coat color or let you try something new.


You can expect more artistic-inspired haircuts and styles for your pet at a spa. Groomers base these on the dog’s unique breed and coat type.

They also offer special grooming techniques to help the dogs to shed less. You can book sanitary or facial trims as well.


Pedicure services are also on most dog spa menus. This includes trimming, shaping, and painting your pup’s nails. You can choose from a clear coat or a variety of colors.

Spas also use salves that help condition pet paws. This works to prevent dryness and cracking. They also offer coconut oil massages for a pup’s pads and nose.


Other common menu items include conditioning or shed control treatments. These can help to relieve skin allergies for pets as well.

Deshedding treatments are one of the most popular add-on services at a doggy spa. This is because shedding tends to happen year-round for certain breeds. Some spas offer facials to help reduce tear stains on a dog’s fur.

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Oral and Gland Care

Oral care is another key service offered by dog spas. Dogs receive teeth brushing and breath fresheners. They also get ear cleanings and ear pluckings.

Many spas will even express anal glands to help control unwanted odors. Pet colognes are another popular service.

All the Right Tools…

Spa professionals use special brushing tools and techniques. These help to stimulate the natural production of oil for your dog’s skin and coat. Other grooming products work to remove loose hair.

Dog spas carry a variety of brushes for different coat types. This includes wire pin, bristle, and slicker style brushes. Special combs and rakes are used for targeting matted hair.

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Quality Dog Spa and Resort Products

A spa for dogs will likely only carry top-of-the-line products and brands. Their spa features the latest equipment, tools, and professional dog supplies.

Some salons only use organic, all-natural ingredients. They favor hypoallergenic products, without any harsh additives.

This includes gentle shampoos and conditioning treatments with fresh scents. Some spas offer color-enhancing or whitening shampoos as well. Safe essential oils may also get used to promote pet relaxation during bathtime.

High-end pet spas carry the finest cotton towels. Some even provide doggie bathrobes and slippers. Others outfit dogs in branded bandanas and bows after their spa day is complete.

Most dog spas require proper vaccination before allowing any appointments for your pet. This is to ensure the health of all dogs and the staff. So, be sure your dog is up-to-date on all their shots and medications.

An Extra Soothing Environment

Doggy spas pride themselves on offering a safe and comfortable environment. This is because a dog spa day is designed to help relax your pet.

The staff is also great at handling anxious dogs. Many things can create stress for your pet, including a trip to the groomer.

Spas offer the most comfortable facilities, with soothing music and calming scents. Many even carry eye drops to keep shampoo from irritating your pet’s eyes.

Many spas offer special hair drying methods to make dogs feel more comfortable. This includes hand dryers and soft heated towels.

Certain massage techniques help relieve anxiety in dogs. These services are also beneficial for dogs with arthritis or other pain.

Larger spas have different sized baths for small and larger breeds. They offer separate facilities for bathing, drying, and styling.

Many spas also offer doggy daycare services and resort-style lodging. This includes comfy sleeping arrangements and daily walks. Your dog will also enjoy plenty of exercise activities and space to run around.

A few spas even host special events and activities for pets and their owners. These creative ideas help bring in new clients and boost business.

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A Superior Dog Spa and Resort Service, Every Single Time

Services at a doggy spa often fall at a higher price point than your typical dog groomers. This is because these businesses pride themselves on five-star services. It’s the same level of service as you would find at a luxury spa or resort.

These facilities staff professionals trained in all dog breeds and personality types. This includes puppies and special needs dogs.

Spas strive to offer quick, efficient, and consistent service to both dogs and their owners. These professionals in the pet grooming industry also have impressive attention to detail. They rely on their quality of service to boost client loyalty.

Many spas use the latest in technology and social media to drive business. As more consumers are relying on technology to make pet services more convenient. Many spas feature WiFi cameras so you can check-in on your pet from your phone or desk computer.

These spas offer online appointment booking services for their clients. They send automated communications to remind clients of upcoming appointments.

Many even feature mobile pet grooming services. This is where the specialists come to the dog’s home for appointments.

Enhancing the Dog Spa and Resort Experience

It’s easy to see why the dog spa is trending among pet owners all over the world. A day at the spa gets enhanced with unique services and quality pet products. Dogs enjoy all this in a comfortable and soothing environment, with superior service.

The best dog spas also offer the latest in technology to boost convenience for clients. Learn more about how Daysmart Pet Software can help enhance your pet business.

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