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Tattoo Shop
Management Software
to Grow Your Shop.

Get busy doing the work you love! Streamline repetitive tasks and
automate client communication and free up your time! (Reduce
errors, too.)

Control Employee Access

Set employee permission to limit functionality and access within DaySmart Body Art.  You retain complete control over access permissions, but once set, those permissions are automatically enforced by the software. Changing access permissions is simple from within your DaySmart Body Art tattoo business software account.

Simplify Staff Scheduling

Tattoo studio management software made easy- Set up employee schedules in minutes with DaySmart Body Art. Track vacation, sick, and personal days so you never have to guess which employees are available when again.

Easily integrate time clock features to calculate payroll.  Go a step further and set schedules to recur. Take the headache out of staff scheduling.

Track Your Inventory and Sales

DaySmart Body Art gives you everything you need to make inventory management automatic.

Build an active products list with all the necessary details and watch as inventory gets done sale by sale. See what products need reordering and which ones need discounting to move off the shelf. Thanks, DaySmart Body Art!

Take the Pain Out of Payroll with Tattoo Shop Management Software

DaySmart Body Art makes payroll a snap.

Split commissions. Pay different staffers different rates for the same services. DaySmart Body Art can accommodate your payroll needs, effortlessly.

All you need to do is set it up one time and integrate with your payroll processor of choice or, even print your own checks.