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Embrace tech to make 
your life easier.

Digitize your schedule, automate client communication, connect your
team, sell online, get out of the back office and get back to building
your business by connecting wth clients. DaySmart Body Art is so
much more than scheduling.

Meet your modern
appointment book…

Ditch the pencil and paper approach to running a tattoo parlor or piercing shop. Modern businesses use modern tools, and today’s customers demand nothing less. DaySmart Body Art is your new digital appointment book, client database, marketing campaign engine, inventory and payroll tracking and so much more. Run your shop from the palm of your hand, wherever you are, whenever you want.

DaySmart Body Art is the proven business management software that saves you time by automating workflows and simplifying client communications.  You can use that time to focus on what matters most – delivering superior client experiences that grow your business.  Let this software help you do more with less.

Book smarter, not harder.

When it’s this easy to manage appointments – errors are reduced, time is saved. No more flipping pages. No more double-booking. Simply open up DaySmart Body Art, from any web device and and add clients to your schedule (or let your staff see theirs).

No shows? No chance.

Send automatic reminders to ensure clients remember appointments. You decide how many reminders to send and when.  These email and text reminders dramatically reduce no-show rates – which keeps your shop productive and improves your bottom line.

Make it your own.

From color-coding to smart filters, tailor your DaySmart Body Art experience. Decide which days to view, which employees to list, and set what you need to see.