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7 Ways To Prepare Your Tattoo Studio For Small Business Saturday

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When American Express started Small Business Saturdays, or at least when they got involved, small business owners rejoiced.

Not only was it part of Amex’s plan to lower their rates for businesses, but it brought some love back to Main street. To this day, businesses all over the US look forward to Small Business Saturday.

It’s like Black Friday, but you don’t have to come up with any insane deals. Want some idea on what to do to celebrate SBS? Read below.

1. Double-Check Your Website

When you’re going into Small-Business Saturday, you want to make yourself as accessible to clients as possible. That means having the most up-to-date website available.

Take a look at your tattoo site. Are your headers still pushing promotions from two months ago? If so, get your content team to create some more, stat.

You can even create specific content for Small Business Saturday. American Express will help can with that, which we’ll discuss later.

Make sure your Google maps plugin is working and that your hours are correct. Will you be open extra hours for that weekend?

Let your clients know.
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2. Write a Blog Post

Why not let your clients know everything you’re doing to prepare for Small Business Saturday? Write a blog post and publish it on your social media channels.

Tell clients, in the blog post, what hours you’re open that day. Are you having any specials? What’s the sale or deal you’re offering?

You can even put a call to action at the end of the post asking them to share. People who engage with SBS are local-business minded, so they’re likely to encourage others to be as well.

3. Create a Text Reminder

As you prepare for small business Saturday, why not open up a clever sales funnel?

Ask clients who engage with your SBS pages to give you their phone number. Let them know you’ll text them to remind them about the upcoming events and what your tattoo business has planned.

Even if they don’t visit you on that Saturday, now you have their information for future marketing ventures.

If you don’t have or don’t want to pay for a texting service, you can always use email. There are even Facebook Bots that you can set up now for customers to opt-in to.

Don’t overload them though, no matter the platform you choose. You don’t want to annoy them before they have a chance to support your small tattoo business.

4. Use American Express’ Marketing

American Express started Small Business Saturday, at least the way it exists now. They used to charge different fees than other credit cards did for processing. That meant it was too expensive for small business owners to accept American Express cards.

Amex figured out that they were losing business this way and changed their tune. To broadcast their new small-business-friendly vibe, they threw a bunch of money into SBS.

It took off and has been great for local economies ever since. Part of the money they threw went into creating marketing templates specifically for SBS.

They have things you can download and semi-customized like social posts, signs, email templates — the whole nine yards. If you’re participating, you should have gotten an email.

If not, log onto their site and download away.

Request a marketing package and make sure you put the graphics to good use. People do know about SBS, but they forget and their lives get busy.

Every time they see your SBS marketing copy, it’s one more reminder that flags that date in their brain.

5. Give Back

Yes, we know, you don’t run specials to lose money. But if you can afford to donate even 5% of the profits from your SBS promotion, that’s even more reason for people to come to your tattoo shop over another one.

Is there a relevant charity in your area? Or maybe you’ll donate a percent for every SBS special you sell.

It doesn’t have to be particularly related to your tattoo business. You’re allowed to have personal favorite charities and to use your profits to donate them.

But if those organizations are heavily political or religious, maybe skip this tip.

6. Collaborate with Other SBS Businesses

Is your location in a crowded area with other shops? Display a map of other businesses that are participating.

You can even team up with one and offer 10% off their purchase at the other business once they book an appointment with you — and vice versa.

If you want to go even further than that, bring another business’s products into your studio. Is there a nearby bakery or coffee shop that you could give to clients before you start the tattoo process?

Put out a plate of samples of their famous cookies/scones/whatever with a sign about where they’re from.

While yes, SBS is about driving profits, it’s also about creating and nurturing community. When one part of a community succeeds, so do the others. How can you help someone else this SBS?

7. Create Exclusivity

There’s something selfish about the way humans love to be in on a secret. You know how some stores do early-shopping events for cardholders or VIP?

Why not reveal your new tattoo designs or new tattoo artist that’s just joined your studio? Anyone who comes into your studio on Small Business Saturday can see the new designs or find out about the new artist and his work.

This not only rewards them and delivers value, but it gives them a sense of urgency about visiting your studio on that specific day.

Your Small Business Saturday

Are you looking forward to the upcoming business holiday? Do you have anything special planned?

Or maybe you had no ideas and now you have a well-thought-out plan. One can hope our article was that helpful, right?

Whatever you end up doing for Small Business Saturday, remember it’s about community and be kind. That’s the best business practice there is.

If you want to update your software before the big day, click here to see our options.

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