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Online Booking: 7 Benefits for Your Clients (& You!)

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Tattoo artists everywhere are quickly converting to online booking – and, It’s easy to see why. The benefits for your clients and you are really impressive!

Every entrepreneur understands the true value of their time. After all, time is money.

As a tattoo artist, you want to be able to spend more time with clients than on performing other tasks. Which means you have to rely on creating effective systems that allow you to earn more while working less.

One easy way for a tattoo artist to do just that is by using online booking. Not only will you enjoy benefits, but your clients will as well. Here are our 7 favorite benefits of using an online booking system.

1. Online Booking Means 24/7 Access

How often have you personally thought about scheduling an appointment for something after traditional work hours are over? If your only option is to wait until morning to call, there’s a good chance you’ll forget.

Which means your clients are probably having the same challenges. In fact, 38% of people prefer scheduling an appointment after hours. As for millennials, 25% of them won’t even consider making an appointment on the phone.

Allowing your clients to book their appointment online provides you with an office that’s “open” 24/7, 365 days out of the year. Best of all, this system doesn’t take vacations, bathroom breaks, and never shows up late.

2. Fewer Missed Appointments

Life is busier than ever before. With so much going on in people’s lives, it becomes harder and harder for them to keep track of all their appointments.

With an online booking system, you won’t have to worry about no-shows because the system sends reminders. But not only that, you get to decide what your cancellation policy is.

It’s actually put into the booking system. So if a client tries to cancel within the cancellation policy time frame, they’ll know they’ll face a fee. However, with an online booking system, rescheduling is easier than ever as the clients have access to your schedule. That allows them to find a new time slot that also works with their busy schedule.

However, with an online booking system, rescheduling is easier than ever as the clients have access to your schedule. That allows them to find a new time slot that also works with their busy schedule.

3. Access to More Information

An online booking system not only provides greater visibility into your schedule, your clients also have the ability to find information regarding fees and treatments.

Not only that but this system also allows you to put in how long their tattoo will take. This allows busy clients to book more sessions with you because they know it will fit in conveniently with their schedule.

You’ll also receive far fewer phone calls with clients asking the same questions. The fewer interruptions you have to deal with, the more time you can focus on your tattoo work.

4. Offers Greater Ability for Security

Privacy is extremely important both for you and your clients. Using an online booking system guarantees greater security for you both.

No longer will you have to rely on an archaic paper system to keep track of your client’s information. No need to worry about losing paper, or even your computer crashing.

Today’s systems are all in the cloud, meaning you can access any and all information from anywhere and at any time. You’ll also find the system is really easy to learn and use. Even if you’re a novice.

5. Saves You Money

Not only will an online booking system save you time, it will save you money. Yes, there are initial upfront costs, but here’s how you’ll easily start earning more money:

Less Reliance on an Assistant

Assistants are great, but they are human. They make mistakes. They also get sick. If you’re training someone new, they take time to learn a new system.

Allowing clients to book online means they don’t have to call and get a busy signal. They easily have access to all the information they need to schedule an appointment without repeated calls to your tattoo shop.



Payments Automatically Registered

Most people pay for their artwork sessions with a credit card. In the past, this meant keeping track of payments on paper. This tracking system also meant time spent working on your business rather than in your business. It also meant possible mistakes that could result in less money for you.

Using an online system means your payments are automatically registered. So at the end of the day, you won’t have to tally up your payments because they’ve already been tallied.

More time spent away from your business means more time to rest, rejuvenate, and relax. This means more energy is placed into doing great work rather than focusing on grunt work.

6. Provides for More Efficient Record Keeping

Keeping track of payments, stock, and client information took time and energy in the past. It meant learning how to use a paper tracking system that was often complicated.

Most tattoo artists aren’t bookkeepers or accountants. Nor should they have to be. An online booking system allows any tattoo artist to easily keep track of everything they need.

It also eliminates costly mistakes, extra time taken away from your business, or having to hire a bookkeeper to keep track of everything. Instead, it’s all automatically done for you in a way that’s easy for anyone to learn and use.

7. Easier to Book Last Minute Appointments

Did you know that people who are able to book their own reservations are more likely to actually show up? It’s possible that booking the appointment themselves gives them a greater sense of self-responsibility.

Since 20% of the population are procrastinators, there’s a chance you’ll have clients that decide they want a new tattoo at the last minute. So even if you start out your work day with a few open slots, with an online booking system, you may end up working a full schedule.

Whether you’re launching a new tattoo shop or renting a chair in an established tattoo shop, using an online system to book appointments is an easy way to take your business to the next level. Not convinced? Sign up for your free trial today!

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