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Fingernail Tattoos! Check Out This New Industry Trend!

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Where is the most interesting place you think a person could get a tattoo? Some people love the thought of strategically getting a minimalist tattoo on their body, while others dare to tattoo their lips or even their eyelids. Something that has recently made waves in the tattoo industry, though, is the rising number of people getting nail tattoos. Fingernail tattoos are definitely the next big thing. They’re popping up on the fingernails of many tattoo-lovers and fashionistas – and for good reason!

Here’s everything you need to know about this interesting fingernail tattoos trend.

What Is Needle Nails?

Needle Nails is a pop-up tattoo business started by Ambie Stapleton and Christian Boyd. Boyd is a long-time tattoo artist and Stapleton a well-known fashion consultant. Together, the two have created something truly unique.

Keep reading for a closer look at the inspiration behind their business, how fingernail tattoos work, and the way this trend has caught fire in the industry.

The Business

Stapleton and Boyd have been friends for a long time, so it was only natural for them to go into business together when the two realized they were onto something.

The idea first came to mind when Boyd saw JonBoy (another well-known tattoo artist) design a fingernail tattoo. To Stapleton, the idea must have seemed like a natural solution for the classic chipped manicure issue many women (and men!) deal with.

Now, Needle Nails operates in New York City and Los Angeles, tattooing everything from Morse code and traditional letters to interesting shapes and lines on the fingers of their clients.

The Process

The interesting thing about fingernail tattoos is how pain-free the process is. Traditional tattoos poke at the skin to create designs, and there is a danger of bleeding or the needle going too deep when an artist isn’t careful.

Nail tattoos, though, are only done on the surface of the nail. The nail is actually much stronger than people would assume, and it holds up well against the needle. In fact, the sensitive skin underneath barely feels a thing. Boyd compares it to what the buzz of a massage chair would feel like. Not bad, right?

It can take up to 3 hours for one fingernail tattoo session. The duration depends on how many nails a person wants tattooed and the overall look they’re going for. Some designs are simple to create and execute, while other ideas require more collaboration between the client and the artist (Boyd) before the tattoo needle is brought out.

The Growing Popularity

The interesting thing about nail tattoos is they only last until the nail(s) is grown out. This means a person can get their tattoo on a whim then wait to cut their nail and never see the tattoo again. Or, they have the luxury of going back for more nail tattoos and getting a different design every time – like is the norm for a regular manicure.

It’s a game-changing way to explore the world of tattoos and how they work. If you’re not convinced, check out the top 3 reasons why Needle Nails tattoos are so amazing!

The Top 3 Reasons to Get Fingernail Tattoos

Maybe you’re already covered from head to toe and you’re stoked about getting more new tattoos on your nails. Maybe you don’t understand why people would get a tattoo that doesn’t really last.

Here are 3 reasons people love this idea and all their different nail tattoos.

fingernail tattoos

1. Fingernail Tattoos Are Less Painful

Getting a nail tattoo is a great way for someone who isn’t inked to get used to the feeling. While the sensation isn’t quite the same, it gears up a person’s confidence for them to commit to the real thing.

Plus, getting a nail tattoo helps a person understand the general tattoo-getting process. There are a few rules not everyone knows about tattoo parlors – like common courtesy with the tattoo artist and the fact that you can’t get a tattoo drunk. As such, nail tattoos are like the test drive before a person makes an appointment for their traditional needle-to-skin tattoo.

2. Fingernail Tattoos Give You Lots of Creative Freedom

Since a nail tattoo grows off, you can go back time and time again for different designs. Maybe you get a simple, sophisticated design for your wedding and then do something more fun and out of the box for your birthday. Maybe you play with different symbols and lines just because you can.

Whatever you do, though, it’s nice knowing this kind of tattoo isn’t forever.

3. You Don’t Have to Commit 100%

It’s not always the pain that turns people away from getting a tattoo, it’s the commitment. Some people just can’t see themselves walking around with a design that’s permanently inked on their body. A fingernail tattoo that only lasts a few weeks, though, is much easier for them to get behind.

This goes for people without any tattoos and those who already have a few. Sometimes, it’s nice to experiment with a bunch of different designs before sticking to just one, if that.

More Tattoo Trends, Styles, and Insights

Fingernail tattoos are gaining more and more popularity these days, and Needle Nails isn’t the only one doing them! This may be the pop-up that sparked initial interest, but tattoo enthusiasts and artists alike are discovering more places who are all about this trend.

For the latest on nail tattoos, interesting designs, and all kinds of other inked insights, click here.

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