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The Benefits of Integrating Credit Card Processing With Your Software

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Integrating Your Software With Your Credit Card Transactions

Your tattoo business consists of a series of many daily processes, but if you can’t fit all these pieces together, you may be missing out on the bigger picture. Aligning your business administration, customer management, and credit card transactions seems like the smart choice (and it is!), but too many tattoo studios still use third party payment processors or insist on taking cash only.

Cash may be king, but cash-only businesses are a thing of the past. In fact, in a recent study by Consumer Credit, only 14% of respondents said they use cash for everyday purchases while 80% of respondents said they use their debit cards. Cash only studios run the risk of losing customers because they are not offering modern payment systems.

Customers at tattoo studios expect their checkout experience to be simple and fast – this is where integrated credit card processing comes in. Read on to learn how integrating payment systems with your tattoo software can help strengthen your business as a whole, not just at checkout.

Improve the Customer Experience

Integrated credit card transactions can create a seamless checkout experience for your clients. They can quickly check out with their card or by charging their card on file, be prompted to leave a tip, and have their receipt emailed within seconds.

Integrated payments act as a detailed customer database for your business and with modern systems, customers can access a portal to update their profiles, including their credit card information so their payments are always up to date.

Effortlessly track clients previous purchases to improve engagement, create targeted promotions and upsell and cross-sell. If your client management system is integrated with your payment processor, you can easily collect all kinds of purchase information, and let your clients know about information they care about in real-time!

Streamline Business Operations

Integrating payments with your tattoo software will free up time spent on manual processes and help ease day-to-day tasks.

No more spending hours reconciling bank statements to determine if you’ve been paid correctly for all your work, and you can forget the tedious manual data entry – integrated payments will ensure accurate, real-time transaction data and reduce costly human error.

Switching to an integrated credit card processor will also reduce your tattoo business’ risk from cash theft and vulnerability from hackers. The right processor will have security protocols that protect credit card data, and by encouraging credit card transactions you will have less cash at your business.

The less time you spend tracking payments and worrying about security, the more focus you can put into other critical areas of your business!

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Increase in Revenue

How can integrated credit card processing increase your business’ revenue? Many clients ask this question. Since integrated credit card processing can update payment data automatically, there is not a need for an employee to manage any of this.

In addition, integration simplifies the payment process, making it easier to train employees on how to process payments, allowing your business to save money and time on training.

Keeping card numbers on file allows you to not only simplify checkout, but you can also charge a no-show fee or take deposits for appointments made online. No-shows can be especially costly to tattoo businesses and clients are a lot more likely to show up (or cancel in a timely manner) if they know they will be charged a fee.

You can also sell lucrative memberships or packages – this ensures passive recurring revenue and encourages your clients to book packages and services in advance. The easier it is for your clients – the more likely they are to book (and to recommend you to friends!)

Take Advantage of The Benefits of Integrating Your Credit Card Transactions

Integrated credit card processing offers opportunities for businesses to save time, eliminate double data entry, increase cash flow, strengthen security, reduce expenses, and ensure effective workflow management.

Consider using integrated credit card processing with DaySmart Body Art and start taking advantage of these many benefits to grow your tattoo business!

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