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3 Ways Tattoo Studio Software Simplifies Your Payment Process

As a tattoo studio owner, you face the demanding task of creating unique artwork while simultaneously managing client relationships and staying competitive in the industry. Do you really need to worry about payments on top of everything else? Your tattoo shop needs an efficient integrated payment solution that won’t require you to switch between systems to reconcile bank statements. Continue reading to learn how you can simplify your payments process with tattoo studio software.

1. Streamline your payment processing

An integrated payment solution makes all of the work around accepting and processing payments easier. Going digital means you’re eliminating any manual entry and physical paperwork. It provides your shop with a simplified, seamless checkout process that saves you and your customers time. You’ll also have integrated point-of-sale (POS) functionality that allows you to accept payments, deposits, tips, and more from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop device.

2. Access comprehensive reporting and analytics

If your tattoo shop doesn’t have an integrated payment solution, you’re relying on time-consuming manual labor to provide bookkeeping and the numbers you need to run your business. With digital payments, you’ll have real-time insights into your payments, revenue, and sales trends, including customizable reports that will allow you to keep track of your sales performance, trends, and customer metrics. That means, less time analyzing and inputting manual data- and more time doing what you love

3. Protect your data with enhanced security and compliance

Integrated payment solutions are built with data protection in mind. Desktop checkout devices are EMV compliant, meaning that you and your clients are protected from credit card fraud. Payment solutions also include data encryption and secure storage that ensure that sensitive client and credit card information is not accessible to others. Every transaction is PCI/PA-DSS validated and processed securely with industry-leading security standards, giving you protection against fraud and unauthorized access.

Get started today by choosing the right tattoo studio software.

DaySmart Body Art’s features enable your tattoo shop to streamline payment processing, access comprehensive reporting and analytics, and protect data with enhanced security, providing a better experience for your customers and staff. Take the first step by starting a free trial to determine if DaySmart Body Art aligns with your needs, and discover how you can stay connected and organized, anytime and anywhere.