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25 Trending Tattoo Ideas

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The so-called “hipster crowd” has helped to bring about a resurgence in mainstream interest in tattoos. In recent years, their carefree attitudes and enviable lifestyles have paved the way for tattoos to be accepted by a larger segment of society. Whether you actually consider yourself ‘in with the trends’ or not, there is no denying the beauty of tattoos and their ability to help the wearers express themselves. There is now an entire generation growing up in a society where tattoos are considered cool and normal, rather than something for “outsiders” alone. Struggling to decide what your next tattoo should be? Check out this list of trending tattoo ideas to get inspiration for your next ink!

Trending Tattoo Ideas:

1. Fingerstache

If the name doesn’t say it all to you, then stop everything and Google it now. This tattoo tells the world that you have a wacky sense of humor and it’s ironically popular with both males and females.

2. Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol has become popular among hipsters for its simple meaning of “forever.” It’s elegant, simple and far from flashy.

3. Triangle

The triangle is loaded with meaning. Everyone has a different interpretation, from the early Greeks, to modern gay culture, to the Holy Trinity and beyond.

4. Tree Tattoo Ideas

Trees are emblematic of resilience. They start as tiny seeds, weathering many storms over many years as they grow into towers of great beauty.

5. The Lunar Cycle

The moon and its phases are popular with hipsters due to the karmic symbolism of “what goes around, comes around,” as well as fertility and feminism.

6. Dreamcatcher Tattoo Ideas

Native American symbolism makes a powerful statement. Dreamcatcher tattoos represent many things, including an overt symbol for warding off bad dreams. These are especially popular among woman striving to achieve goals.

7. Feather

Feathers often represent freedom. They can evoke a feeling of flight, being lighter than air, or carried along on the breeze, or following your passions.

8. Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

If you’re not shy, a full sleeve might be for you. Literally transforming skin into a canvas, these can be black, grey or full color, complete with family crests or depictions of important life stories. This is a favorite in most any tattoo shop you walk into.

9. Geometric shapes

Tattoos of elaborate geometric shapes are increasingly popular among a wide range of people. These are often multi-color 3D images and look very cool on your forearm.

10. A Favorite City

Tattoos are often used to tell a story, or to remember places you have been. So it makes sense that many hipsters are getting tattoos that pay homage to their hometowns or favorite cities.

11. Rose Tattoo Ideas

Flowers are always popular tattoos, and provide beautiful subject matter. A rose by any other name… would smell as sweet –  a great representation for love, or love of of life.

12. Unfilled Tattoos

Some hipsters are choosing to leave their ink designs “unfilled” or incomplete as a bold expression of emotional emptiness.

13. Gold Foil

The gold foil look is beautiful. Arrows have become popular with women as an expression of grace and elegance. Many get arrows in gold foil on their forearms because they like to be able to look down and be reminded of the symbolism.

14. Ship Tattoo Ideas

A ship symbolizes the journey of life. It’s fun and simple, and this tattoo looks great on any part of the body. The waves may get rough and the winds may blow, but never forget the captain is at the helm.

15. Arm Bands

This a simple yet chic look, very popular among females. It looks almost like you’re wearing jewelry.

16. Spinal Tattoo Ideas

A tattoo that runs straight up the spine is an edgy but clean look. Especially a tattoo with simple angles that looks jewel-like.

17. Anatomical Hearts

A beating heart represents life. Every heart tattoo bears its own meaning, but this is popular among those wishing to express passion, honor, and love.

18. Umbrella Tattoo Ideas

In Buddhism, the umbrella represents wisdom and compassion. For many others, it can symbolize protection or safety, and looks feminine and sexy on a woman’s wrist or ankle.

19. Watercolor Eye

An artistic eye embodies the way the wearer views the world’s beauty. This watercolor tattoo is beautiful and powerful, popping with realism, as if the ink has taken on a life of its own.

trending tattoo ideas

20. Mountain Scenes

Photorealistic mountain scenes or landscapes can be like a photo on your arm. Many hipsters choose this tattoo to be reminded of favorite memories or a place to which they’ve traveled they don’t want to forget.

21. Arm Collage

These images may appear random, but are more like ancient paintings on a cave wall. Beautiful and powerful, this is a life story (in ink).

22. Arrow Tattoo Ideas

One the coolest tattoos?  A classic arrow inked on their outer arm. Black is great, but the color you choose really doesn’t matter. This can represent the forward movement of life, or the warrior’s spirit.

23. All-Seeing Eye

Also called the Eye of Providence, this ancient Egyptian symbol is very cool and mysterious, representing godly omniscience and wisdom.

24. Modern Mehndi

This full sleeve tattoo is popular around the world for its lavish, intricate design. It’s very similar to henna tattoos worn in the Middle East and Asia.

25. Symmetrical Owl

There is a lot of mythology surrounding owls. They are symbolic of wisdom, love of the night, as well as courage. Owl tattoos are also popular among hipsters because of their intricate beauty.

Trending Tattoo Ideas Overview

As more and more people take pride in decorating their bodies in ink, it is becoming seen as a permanent expression of who they are. A tattoo might be nothing more than the sub-dermal injection of ink, but they have become as visible and important in everyday life as hipsters themselves. So roll up your sleeve and go get some!

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