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Customer Spotlight: Chanticleer Veterinary Hospital

When our veterinary customers experience success, their local communities reap the rewards, too — and we love to share the story. Chanticleer Veterinary Hospital (CVH) has been caring for animals in the Santa Cruz community since 1985. They became a DaySmart Vet customer in January 2024, after transitioning from their previous practice management software, Avimark. To help tell their story, we spoke with CVH’s practice manager, Ashley Benson.

According to Ashley, CVH has always been a small practice. Even after being purchased by Blue River Pet Care in 2016, they’ve consistently maintained just one to three doctors at the practice. Today, they focus on delivering veterinary services to companion animals only. Ashley says they pride themselves on providing a calm, welcoming environment, where every pet receives customized care. 

As manager, one of Ashley’s goals is to create a work culture that promotes growth, so she’s made it her priority to support her team with valuable tools. It’s no coincidence that CVH made the switch to DaySmart Vet upon her recommendation after she joined the practice. Having used the software for years prior, at a previous vet office, Ashley knew it would be the right move for her new team. “I felt in order to continue to grow CVH, and propel it toward our future goals, the switch was needed,” she said.

And Ashley was right. Among DaySmart Vet’s comprehensive set of features, Ashley’s team quickly discovered their favorites. The communication tools have helped to streamline client correspondence and minimize unnecessary back-and-forth. The seamless integrations, like Vetcove, have delivered a more complete experience. And when it comes to administrative responsibilities, the task management tools have helped to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. 

For Ashley’s role specifically, the inventory and reporting tools have simplified her supply ordering routine and overall management of the office budget. She also notes that, with the ability to access and update patient records outside of the clinic, the CVH doctors have been granted a more flexible work-life balance. 

Beyond the day-to-day management support, Ashley and her team also count on DaySmart Vet to accomplish other more long term objectives. “My goal for 2024 is to become paperless,” she said. “While we’re not there yet, DaySmart is absolutely paramount to reaching that goal.” With tools like online forms, Ashley plans to streamline processes to cut down on paperwork and boost efficiency. 

For other growing veterinary practices like CVH, Ashley’s best advice is to plan for the future. She stresses the importance of finding a software that can accommodate growth. “If your system works for 10 clients, will it still work when you have thousands?” she asks. “If it won’t be expandable, change your systems now.” 
Find a vet management software built to support your practice’s future. If you’re interested in making a system change, check out our Complete Buyer’s Guide for Making the Switch to a Better Veterinary Software. You can also discover more DaySmart Vet customer success stories here.