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Customer Spotlight: Only 1 Touch Beauty Experts 

In the world of hair styling, every strand has a unique story to tell. Here we meet LaTonya Daniels, the proud owner and stylist at Only 1 Touch Beauty Experts. With her expertise in natural hair and extensions, LaTonya works her magic, bringing out the beauty and confidence in each client’s hair.

“It’s not just about the hair,” LaTonya shares. “I love the people and incorporate helping people in doing hair.” For her, hairstyling was more than just a job – it was a way to connect with people and make a positive impact on their lives.

At the beginning, LaTonya never envisioned herself as a salon owner because of all the duties involved. But as she started her career as a stylist, she noticed a gap between finishing school and working in a salon. This realization inspired LaTonya to create Only 1 Touch Beauty Experts – a place where new hairstylists can learn and grow, getting the support and mentorship they need to succeed in the industry. 

But running a successful salon isn’t just about talent and creativity – it also requires effective management and organization. Initially, LaTonya tried to manage appointments manually by writing them down, but as her clientele grew, it became more and more difficult to keep track of bookings. Recognizing the need for better booking and enhanced client experiences for her salon, LaTonya turned to DaySmart Salon. 

With features like online appointment booking, text reminders, and client management tools, DaySmart Salon has revolutionized the way LaTonya runs her business. It has not only simplified her day-to-day tasks but also improved the overall client experience, making it easier for clients to book their online appointments, stay connected with the salon, and prevent overbooking. 

“Having clients be able to book their own appointments made life one hundred percent easier as a stylist,” said LaTonya. 

Another stand-out DaySmart Salon feature that LaTonya loves is text marketing. With text marketing, she can send messages to her customers about upcoming services and specials.  

LaTonya’s advice for hesitant salons? “One thing about this industry that we all should agree on is that time is money. And if you want to not waste time, get some salon software.” Investing in good salon software can save you time, boost productivity, and increase salon revenue. Learn more about DaySmart Salon and how we were voted Best Salon Management System in Nailpro’s 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards.   

Watch the entire webinar with LaTonya Daniels:  

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