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Customer Spotlight: The Wax Spot by Angelica

Angelica Cardosa is the proud owner of The Wax Spot by Angelica, a thriving family-owned small business in Houston, Texas. Here, Angelica shares her unique start in the cosmetology industry and how DaySmart Salon has played a vital role in supporting her business’s growth and success.

At just 23 years old, Angelica took the bold step of opening her own waxing studio with the encouragement of a high school friend’s mother who recognized her gift in cosmetology. Over the years, her dedication has not only propelled her career but also created opportunities for her family members. “I have invested in family members’ school which created the family business we have today!” Angelica proudly shares. “My nieces and sisters work alongside me and one of them is opening their own location in the next few weeks, in Kingwood, TX.”

Angelica’s sisters Christie (left) and Diane (right).

The Wax Spot by Christie will be opening soon in Kingwood, TX!

What sets The Wax Spot apart from its competitors is its commitment to attention to detail. Beyond the superior service provided by the front desk staff and operators, the salon offers unique touches that enhance the client experience. “We have charging stations for clients’ phones, an art book with colored pencils in our waiting room for kids of all ages to doodle and relax, a world map with colored pins for clients to share where they are from, and more since Houston is the most diverse city in America!” Angelica explains. These thoughtful additions create a welcoming and engaging environment for all clients.

Aside from her natural talent, Angelica chose the cosmetology industry because of the joy she finds in helping others feel beautiful. “What I love most about this industry is helping people feel more beautiful while building rapport. Many of our clients have been coming to our salon since the very beginning, and we have grown together, sharing the ups and downs of life, witnessing weddings and births, sharing so much together they have become family as well!” she shares. This deep connection with her clients is a testament to the personal touch that sets her salon apart.

Angelica has been a loyal user of DaySmart Salon since 2010. “I was inspired to start using it because it was user-friendly with all-inclusive features at a great price!” she recalls. The scheduling calendar and marketing tools have been particularly beneficial to her and her staff for running the business.

According to Angelica, DaySmart Salon has helped The Wax Spot grow and become more efficient with the streamlined appointment system and marketing tools that are easy to use. “We create a mass email for a special or a holiday, and like magic…the phone starts ringing and the calendar fills in with appointments!” Angelica notes. DaySmart Salon’s software system has allowed her to focus more on providing excellent service and less on administrative tasks.

Angelica’s advice to new business owners in the cosmetology industry is grounded in her 17 years of experience and success. “Provide above average excellent service consistently and be patient while building your client base. Repeat customers, building rapport along with an excellent reputation, and word of mouth are everything!” she advises. Her emphasis on exceptional service and patience highlights the core values that have driven her own success.

Angelica Cardosa’s journey with The Wax Spot is a powerful example of how passion, family, and the right tools can lead to a thriving business. Her story is an inspiration to aspiring salon owners and a testament to the impact of DaySmart Salon in helping businesses achieve their full potential. DaySmart Salon is committed to supporting and highlighting small businesses like The Wax Spot by Angelica to ensure that entrepreneurs receive the recognition that they deserve.

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