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Ice Rink Management Software That’s Smooth as Ice

Glide through ice facility management with ease. Discover DaySmart Recreation’s state-of-the-art ice rink management software.

all-in-one ice rink management

Manage your ice house with an
all-in-one ice rink management solution.

Daysmart Recreation offers a mobile-friendly interface that allows customers to register directly through your emails, your website, or your mobile app at their convenience.

Your complete facility

Schedule With Ease

With a drag and drop calendar that makes scheduling simple, you can build leagues, book facilities, and confirm rentals within one calendar.

Schedule Seasons Instantly

Schedule an entire season in an instant, and easily adjust changes when needed.

Public Skate Ticketing Simplified

Streamline the ticketing process for public skating so your customers can buy multiple tickets in one transaction for themselves and their guests! With hassle-free ticketing built into your ice rink management software, you can simplify the check-in process and reduce the administrative tasks for your staff.

Utilize All of Your Resources

Grow your business and with faculty and customer experience top of mind.

Create Public Displays

Keep visitors up to date on classes, leagues, and events with a custom URL that can be displayed in your facility.

Accept Payments

Within the Software

Our mobile chip reader works from anywhere to securely integrate your card processing.

Detailed Transaction Information

Manage transactions so you can keep track of every sale you make.

Gain Valuable Insights

With our robust business intelligence tools, you can gain valuable insight into improving future sales.

Identify Valuable Opportunities

Create reports that will help you easily recognize patterns and identify new opportunities that you may be missing.

Send Effective Emails

Easily create target email or customer lists, including by specific seasons, special dates, memberships, products, tags, and more!

Optimize Profit

By having all your information tracked you can better understand who you should advertise to and optimize profit by focusing on your marketing.

Rent Lockers Efficiently

Your customers can use the DaySmart Recreation locker feature to rent and assign lockers. Having all this information in one location is convenient and improves security.

Organize Your Facility

With color-coordinated layouts and all-in-one calendars, you can manage as many facilities as needed.

Manage Resources

Take payments and manage resources for concessions and rentals in one easy-to-use Point of Sale system.

Integrations to Take Your Facility Further

Turn DaySmart Recreation into your all-inclusive facility management platform with our integration partners.

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