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Recreation Management Software Made Simple

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all-in-one recreation SOFTWARE

Simplify your business with a single powerful recreation software solution.

Elevate your recreation operations with DaySmart Recreation’s cutting-edge recreation management software. With tools to manage operations, streamline registration and payment processing, and engage with your community, DaySmart Recreation is your single recreation management software solution.

Your complete recreation

Build Calendars for Your Community

With a drag and drop calendar that makes scheduling simple, you can build leagues, book facilities, and confirm rentals within one calendar.

Schedule Seasons Instantly

You can schedule an entire season with the click of a button, and then make changes as needed for the duration of the season.

Make the Most of Your Resources

Facility and rental reservations show up in your calendar with all the important details to help you manage your resources.

Register Visitors Quickly

With a variety of registration types including drop-ins, classes, leagues, and camps, you can spend less time on operations and more time on growing your customer base.

Improve Memberships with Quick Tickets

Streamline the ticketing process for community events so your customers can buy multiple tickets in one transaction for themselves and their guests! With hassle-free ticketing built into your recreation facility management solution, you can simplify the check-in process and reduce the administrative tasks for your staff.

Manage Programs On the Go

DaySmart Recreation is available on phones, tablets, or desktops, allowing customers to view information and register for your programs on the go.

Simplify Attendance Tracking

All programs include attendance tracking and check-in station access, with support for single, family, or group memberships.

Accept Payments Within the Software

DaySmart Recreation includes integrated payments built in, so you can accept a variety of payment options.

Manage Transactions with Ease

With an intuitive point of sale, you can split products into a variety of categories like camps, concessions, or rentals.

Streamline Recurring Payments

Set up payment plans that automatically charge customers for recurring payments like monthly membership billing or send online invoices to customers directly.

Communicate with Customers

With the Customer Search & Email tool, you can create marketing lists, up-sell existing customers based on their needs, or target select customers who fit your profile.

Access Information at Your Fingertips

All of your customer data is tracked in DaySmart’s cloud-based recreation management software, helping you understand your customers and prospects.

Customize Dashboards To Fit Your Business

View financial reporting and customer metrics in real-time with over 60 standard reports so you can continue to improve and grow your business.

Use a Solution Built for You

Whether it’s ice houses, multi-sport complexes, or park facilities, DaySmart’s cloud-based recreation software can help you manage the resources of your recreation organizations.

Organize Your Facility

With color-coordinated layouts and all-in-one calendars, you can manage as many recreation facilities as needed.

Manage Concessions & Rentals

Take payments and manage resources for concessions and rentals in one easy-to-use Point of Sale system.

Integrations to Take Your Facility Further

Turn DaySmart Recreation into your all-inclusive facility management platform with our integration partners.

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Keep your skaters engaged and your recreation facility fully utilized.

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Parks & Recreaction

Enable your community with self-service, all-in-one, cloud-based parks and recreation software.

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Get your teams ahead of the game and streamline operations with DaySmart’s cloud-based recreation management software.

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