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Earn an A+ in Higher Education Recreation Management

all-in-one college facility management

Help Your Student Body Stay Active With One Platform

With DaySmart Recreation’s higher education facility management software, you’ll be able to keep track of students and faculty, schedule intramural sports games, and manage fitness classes with ease.

Achieve More with Our
All-in-One Higher
Education Facility
Management Solution

Make Scheduling Easy

With the drag-and-drop calendar, you can book facilities, schedule classes, and create teams.

Plan Seasons Instantly

You can schedule an entire season at the push of a button and make updates as needed for the duration of the season.

Optimize Your Facility Management

Stay on top of facility reservations to ensure a smooth student and employee experience.

Register With Ease

Track and filter attendees through a variety of registration options including drop-in sessions, classes, and leagues.

Improve Memberships with Quick Tickets

Streamline the ticketing process for drop-in programs so your students can buy multiple tickets in one transaction for themselves and their guests! With hassle-free ticketing built into your facility management solution, you can simplify the check-in process and reduce the administrative tasks for your staff.

Access Information Anywhere

Access registrations anywhere by allowing your students and staff to view information by phone, tablet, or desktop.

Track Attendance Easily

All programs include attendance tracking and check-in station access.

Set Prices by Category

Break down products by categories such as league, class, or sport to speed up checkout and access insight to improve future sales.

Process Payments Easily

Set up recurring payment plans by automatically charging students by league, season, or class.

Take Payments in the Software

Make purchasing facility and field rentals, concessions, game tickets, and memberships a breeze with payment processing built in the software.

Reach Select Students

Use the Customer Search and Email tool to create telemarketing lists and target select students by sport, league, or class.

Tailor University Advertisements

Access student data to tailor your advertisements to prospects and current student members.

Improve Student Relations

Track data and finances to better understand your client base and implement student loyalty programs to convert single attendees to regular attendees.

Access Data at your Fingertips

Create reports and view student data to help you identify new opportunities to improve the reach of your higher education recreational facility.

Organize your Facility

Manage fields and facilities by location using color-coordinated layouts and all-in-one calendars.

Track and Manage Concessions

Organize and label concessions by category with pictures and prices to track concessions by POS.

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