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How To Enhance Sustainable Practices at Your Recreation Facility 

Whether you’re navigating league playoffs or preparing for the upcoming summer camp season, every recreation facility has its own set of challenges and goals. But one thing they share? Every facility knows how important it is to run things efficiently.  

But did you know there’s a benefit to efficiency that many administrators and managers aren’t aware of? Efficient recreation facilities are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

It doesn’t have to be Earth Day to highlight the important of sustainable operations. Often, eco-friendly business ideas involve subjects such as installing solar power, using zero-emissions delivery vehicles, or ensuring the optimal amount of green space at facility locations- and yours can too.  

Little Known Fact: Running your facility with the right software can have a net positive effect on the environment 

It’s true. In addition to a better experience for athletes and customers—and streamlined operations for your staff—recreation facilities operating on a software platform designed especially with them in mind can help reduce waste and promote sustainable practices.  

Let’s look at some of the benefits, and how the right software can be a game-changer for your facility—promoting both efficient operations and environmental stewardship. 

Unseen Impact: Waste and Inefficiency in Recreation Management 

For recreation professionals, waste and inefficiency don’t just make it difficult to run facilities and programs smoothly. It can have significant consequences, including draining your resources, inflating your budgets, and harming the environment.  

Resource Drain 

Excessive use of paper for waivers and documents is just the start. Inefficient season planning and scheduling can lead to underused spaces in your facility, wasting energy for heating and cooling.  

And surplus concessions inventory can end up contributing to overloaded landfills. Using more resources than necessary—from paper to electricity—can impact your facility’s expenses (and its ecological footprint). 

Budget Bloat 

In addition to being an environmental issue, excess waste is also a financial one. Budgets and resources spent on unnecessary paper usage, energy for unoccupied spaces, and unused food could have been allocated elsewhere.  

The net effect? Increased efficiency can improve your facility’s profitability—and sustainability. 

Environmental Harm 

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Think globally, act locally.” And while it may sound like an overused slogan, think about it this way: Beyond the immediate impact on your facility, inefficient use of finite supplies like papercy can contribute to larger environmental issues—including deforestation, energy waste, and plastics and trash finding their way to streams, lakes and the ocean.  

While increased efficiency at your facility may not solve these global issues, doing your part for the well-being of the planet can make your members and athletes feel better about using your facility—in addition to making it easier to operate.  

How Can Software Solutions Equal Waste Reduction? 

Adopting these software solutions doesn’t just mean cost savings for your facility; it represents a step forward in reducing your impact on the environment. 

Time-Saving Benefits for Your Facility 

Beyond reducing waste, software solutions can save another valuable resource: time. The right software solution can transform time-consuming, complex projects such as season planning and scheduling into streamlined, efficient, and repeatable processes.  

The DaySmart Recreation scheduling and resource optimization tool is a prime example, offering features that enable you to… 

Reducing Waste and Increasing Efficiency: Real-World Stories of Success 

There are plenty of organizations who have seen dramatic improvements in their efficiency through the use of DaySmart Recreation. One of those is The Plano Sports Authority.  

Founded in 1970, Plano Sports Authority employs a staff of 200—and over 5000 volunteers at their large, non-profit recreation center. In 2010, more than 85% of their administrative work was done face to face. Now, that number is less than 15%. Schedules, registration, waivers, and payments are all now featured on the DaySmart Recreation customer portal. So members can do everything online—from any device. That saves staff time—and helps make operations run more easily than ever.  

DaySmart Recreation has made it easy for their customers like the Plano Sports Authroity, and other recreation facilities and centers, to browse programs and register for them. And scheduling is simplified thanks to drag-and-drop calendar functions.

Reducing Waste Helps the Planet—and Your Bottom Line 

Incorporating a software solution into the daily operations of your recreation facility is a big step—but a simple decision. And since generic small business software isn’t developed with your specific challenges and goals in mind, you should explore solutions designed especially for recreation facilities.  

That’s why DaySmart Recreation was created: because recreation facilities have unique needs that generic software can’t address.  

In the end, the efficiency your facility can achieve with DaySmart Recreation doesn’t stop at saved time, easier operations and better resource optimization. It can also help reduce waste and help you operate a more sustainable, earth-friendly facility.  

And a well-run, earth-friendly business will help make more members feel great about coming to your facility.  

From digital registration, payment, and waivers to streamlined scheduling tools, easier inventory management, smoother season planning and improved resource optimization, the right software can change the game for your facility.  

Are you curious to learn more? See all the ways DaySmart Recreation software solutions can transform your facility. Book a demo with us today and take the first step towards a greener, more efficient future—and continued growth.