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Maximize the Value of Recreation Management Software: 4 Reasons To Invest 

Recreation management software is a must for any recreation facility in order to streamline facility management, scheduling, payments, and community engagement.  In fact, implementing software like DaySmart Recreation can increase efficiency by up to 40%, saving valuable time and resources.Let’s take a look at the four top reasons to invest in a recreation software platform.

1. Recreation Management Software streamlines the registration and booking process

Recreation software makes the registration and booking process easier for both the customers and staff. With DaySmart features like automated online registration and reservation management, your members can sign up for classes or programs and book space in just a few clicks. Your dashboard will show real-time availability and scheduling updates so your staff has the most up-to-date information about class registrations and facility scheduling.

2. It provides an enhanced membership management experience

Using recreation management software takes the guesswork out of how busy your facility is on any given day. DaySmart’s centralized management of programs, classes, and events includes an all-in-one calendar to enable you to view how your facility is being used during business hours. You can also track participant information and attendance to spot trends in your facility’s programming. 

“DaySmart runs our entire sports operations. We use it as our CRM, our calendar, and our primary communication tool. Leagues, birthday parties, programs, you name it. It really is all-encompassing for us,” said Robert Herbst, DaySmart customer and Vice President of recreation facility the Plex. 

Recreation management software can help you allocate resources effectively, allowing you to dedicate your staff, space, and equipment when and where it’s needed most.

3. It generates comprehensive reporting and data analysis

Get access to more than 60 standard reports and create custom reports with DaySmart Recreation. These insights will give you the information you need to evaluate your programs. The reporting tools can also show you details on participant trends and feedback. Reporting and data analysis enables you and your staff to make data-driven decisions that impact planning and resource allocation.

“It’s important to have reliable reporting because you’ll want to know what programs you’ll need to discontinue due to low participation, or which ones to pay more attention to that seem more successful for your facility,” according to Dale Geiger, Vice President of Sales, Recreation, at DaySmart. 

4. It saves you time and money

Every recreation facility prioritizes saving time and money. Using DaySmart’s features means you’ll reduce the number of manual administrative tasks staff complete. Streamlining your facility management will increase operational efficiency, which results in significant cost savings for your recreation facility. 

Don’t wait to invest in the future of your recreation center

Running an efficient recreation facility business starts with the right recreation management software. You’ll be able to streamline processes, easily oversee facility scheduling and usage, communicate effectively with customers and staff, pull the data you need for business decisions, and improve how you spend time and money.

Take the time to explore different software options for recreation management — each platform has a unique combination of features — and choose the software that best fits your facility’s needs. Book a demo with us for a more personalized review of what recreation management software can do for your facility.