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Tips for Taking Care of Yourself During Busy Season

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As a pet care professional, you work hard to take care of your clients’ furry friends. With the busy season looming, we want to remind you that it’s important to maintain some time for you to take care of yourself. Here are a few ways to carve out some me-time so you can continue caring for your clients and their pets.

Make Rest a Priority and Take Productive Breaks

No, a productive break does not mean you work during your lunch hour. A productive break is a time dedicated to rest and rejuvenation, nothing else.

Neither our brains nor our bodies are meant to function at high levels for long periods of time, and rest gives us a chance to bounce back from a busy day of grooming poodles. Your mind and body will graciously thank you for the time you take to recuperate. You’ll come back from your break with more energy and more brainpower to give the best care possible. Managing burnout as a business owner is essential to long-term productivity and happiness.

Find Ways to Make Your Workdays Feel Special

Do you remember the fifth-grade pizza party you had after standardized testing? It can be good to treat yourself after doing tough things because it gives you something to look forward to, and you can do the same thing on your busy workdays. We’re not saying you need to end every day with pizza (unless you want to). All we’re saying is the busy seasons can be a bit more fun by adding a few intentional actions.

You can have a solo pizza party every Friday or invite your coworkers to take a load off with you. You can relax and watch some TV with your pet. Maybe before driving to work, listen to a special playlist that pumps you up for the day. Others may feel inclined to wear an extra spiffy outfit, pack exciting lunches, or decide to do some self-care after work. You can light a candle, crack open that book you keep putting off reading, or wind down with some yoga poses.

Participate In Some Pet Talk-Therapy

We know most would recommend talking to a human, but it can be hard to be vulnerable with someone who can verbally respond. A huge reason you chose the field that you’re in is because you love animals. So, spending time with them when you’re outside of “work mode” can help you reconnect to your passion and remember why you picked this role in the first place.

Pet talk therapy is a great way to unwind. Your favorite furry friend certainly won’t mind hearing about your day in exchange for a few extra scratches and treats. They will also appreciate the extra attention.

Choose The Right Tools

You would never show up to groom a dog with dull scissors, so why not make sure all of your tools are up to the task? With software like DaySmart Pet by your side, you can make the busy season feel like a summer breeze.

See all your reservations and appointments at-a-glance with our digital calendar and rearrange them as needed with drag-and-drop functionality. When days get hectic, do you have trouble remembering some of the pets’ complex care instructions? Store detailed client history, pictures, allergies, forms, photos, and more all in one place. Put yourself first and sign-up for a free trial of our software today!

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