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Email Marketing Management, Made Easy 

Email marketing management software

Stay in Touch (and on Top) with Email

Over half the world’s population has an email address, with statistics showing many users check their inboxes several times an hour. So if you’re looking for the best way to stay in touch with your clients, email is the best possible solution. In fact, among the myriad of marketing tools available, email marketing stands out as an impactful and versatile tool for engaging, converting, and retaining customers. 

But if you’ve never created an email campaign, starting from scratch can be overwhelming. DaySmart’s decades of dedication can help businesses create and automate impactful email campaigns that reach customers and drive results.

Email Management Software to Maximize Marketing

DaySmart can assist businesses with email marketing management and help drive growth, whether you’re a small start-up or a large enterprise. Email marketing is an integrated capability offered through many of our solutions. Explore our solutions to see if there is a fit for your business!

By utilizing DaySmart’s software, or another email marketing management solution, businesses can enhance communication strategies and build stronger relationships with customers, making it a valuable asset for any organization looking to improve their marketing efforts.

Email Management Software to Maximize Marketing

DaySmart aims to simplify business operations with easy-to-implement business management tools. Once in place, these tools track performance with clear data, attract new customers by helping you reach your target audience, and create loyal, lifelong clients through automated campaigns and the simplification of all aspects that hinder passion in running a business. 

For email marketing and management, DaySmart’s solutions empower businesses to create targeted campaigns that resonate with audiences. Salons, Spas, Body Art and Piercing Studios, Pet Groomers, Boarders, and Daycare Centers, and Recreational Facilities.

Let’s look a little deeper at some of the key features of DaySmart’s email marketing solutions for these businesses:

Automated Campaigns

Say goodbye to manual email promotions. With our automated campaign feature, you can set campaigns to run on autopilot according to your schedule, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business while your marketing efforts continue to generate leads and drive conversions.

Market Optimization

Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with our enhanced campaign engine. Our solution allows you to schedule campaigns at optimal times, ensuring that your messages are delivered when they’re most likely to be seen and acted upon.

Targeted Campaigns

Reach the most receptive audience by selecting specific client criteria for each campaign. Our targeted campaign feature ensures that your messages resonate with your audience, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.

Recurring Campaigns

Set up recurring campaigns to maintain consistent communication with your audience without the hassle of constant oversight. Our recurring campaign feature enables you to develop a strategic marketing strategy that keeps your business top-of-mind.

Personalization and Dynamic Content

Enhance client engagement with personalized messages and dynamic content. Our solution enables you to tailor your communications to each individual client, increasing relevancy and driving conversions.

Third-Party Integrations

Seamlessly integrate email campaign management with other essential business tools, such as payment processing and appointment scheduling software. Our integrations enhance efficiency and streamline your operations, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients.

Text Marketing

And if email wasn’t personal enough, DaySmart also offers text marketing options to reach people via SMS. If a client trusts you with their phone number, you’re in their inner circle. Take advantage of this opportunity through text marketing possibilities.

Creating Email Campaigns in 5 Simple Steps

DaySmart’s streamlined process simplifies creating impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with customers, ensuring success in the fast-paced business world.

  1. Select the campaign you want (pre-made recurring, one-time, or custom recurring).
  2. Select the template you would like to use (or create your own).
  3. Choose filters to target specific customers.
  4. Review the campaign. See which clients made the list, and then send a test email to yourself to ensure everything looks just right.
  5. Schedule your campaign. Once scheduled, your campaign will be automatically sent out at the designated time.

DaySmart’s email marketing solution offers customizable templates and automated campaigns, allowing businesses of all sizes to customize their marketing efforts for maximum impact, ensuring seamless operations and satisfied clients. Let us help you propel your business forward and achieve your goals with confidence and ease.

Benefits of an Email Marketing and Management Solution 

With DaySmart, you don’t just adopt a simple software solution. You gain access to a comprehensive suite of business management tools, as well as a dedicated team of experts who continuously enhance our platforms and offer education to support your professional growth. 

DaySmart simplifies scheduling, frees you from time-consuming manual work, and delivers a more engaging experience to capture and retain clients. Additionally, our user-friendly interface offers customizable templates and automated email campaigns to help you reach your target audience more effectively.

DaySmart designs versatile software for specific industries—salons, spas, dog groomers, body art and tattoo studios, and recreation centers— including small and midsize businesses as well as large enterprises. 

Reach a Broad Audience with Email Automation Features

Email marketing campaigns are crucial for client communication, engagement, building relationships, and driving repeat business by reminding clients about appointments, wishing them happy birthdays, and offering incentives for repeat visits. With DaySmart’s email management features, it’s all automatic. We’re always upgrading our campaign engine, enhancing the effectiveness of email automation, and allowing you to significantly enhance your marketing efforts.

By utilizing personalized email management lists, you can schedule your marketing campaigns to run whenever you want. Making the most of critical client interactions automatically. Set your campaigns to run for the week or the rest of the year. With our ’Program’ function, you can grow your business hands-free! You’ll easily attract the right new customers while increasing the lifetime value of existing clients. 

With DaySmart, you’ll always be able to get the right message to the right person at the right time. So every marketing action you take can increase revenue and fuel growth. Plus, user-friendly online booking options make it easy for clients to schedule appointments at their convenience. 

Make Your Mark from Anywhere

Our system’s flexibility means you’re not bound to a single device—laptop, phone, tablet—wherever. Whenever. Your reports are just a tap away, so you can connect with your business in seconds from your favorite tech accessory with DaySmart’s user-friendly interface. 

DaySmart Testimonials & Reviews

Rated 4.7 stars

“DaySmart Salon allows me to customize reminder texts and emails, so I don’t have to stress about reaching out to each client individually.” Jacqueline Miller, Studio Bleu

“I don’t have to pay someone to sit there and call clients, which is a waste of time. Instead, clients get reminders automatically.” Rachel Stalcoskie, Rachel Ann’s Country Clips

“The ability to text or email clients with their reminders is awesome. Clients seem to prefer these methods of communication to our phone calls.” Dr. Sue Maturo, Animal Medical Center of Watkins Park

“We have increased the number of appointments by 100% since using DaySmart Appointments, and we are seeing appointments booked throughout the day.” Clarissa Bradstock, Any Lab Test Now

“The ability to store customer cards on file for an easier and quicker checkout and promote loyalty points for customers helps separate Wet Paws from other pet grooming businesses in the area.” Jason Anderson, Wet Paws Mobile Grooming

“I don’t have a front desk assistant doing the clerical work for me; the software is my front desk. It even gives me the reports my accountant needs.” Gail Johnson, Rebel Salon

Email marketing management solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Choose a robust software offering with proven success stories.

Integrations and Compatibility

Your business involves numerous daily processes, but if integration isn’t one of them, you’ll miss out on major opportunities. Integrating email management and marketing with the rest of your business software makes everything easier and strengthens your business overall.

DaySmart seamlessly integrates with a variety of third-party tools to enhance functionality and streamline your workflow. 

A few of DaySmart’s most popular integrations include:


Cloud-based and global payment options available.


A Comprehensive Practice Growth Solution


Share and manage data and ensure financial records are always in sync and up-to-date.

Syncing up software saves time and reduces errors by automating tasks and centralizing information. With DaySmart’s email marketing management solutions, you can easily connect a few of these tools to optimize business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing Software

Plus, we’re well-known for our stellar customer support. DaySmart’s team works closely with business owners to understand unique goals and create customized strategies to maximize the impact of email marketing campaigns. With our platform and dedicated support, you can focus on running your business while we handle the technical aspects of reaching your target audience effectively.

DaySmart’s user-friendly platform and data-driven approach businesses can easily track the performance of their email marketing efforts and make informed decisions to optimize their strategy for maximum ROI. Whether looking to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, or boost sales, our email marketing solution provides the tools and support needed to achieve your goals. 

Contact us today to learn more about how DaySmart can help elevate your email marketing strategy and grow your business.