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Customer Spotlight: Dr. Donita’s Veterinary Concierge Services

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After completing her veterinary training at Tuskegee University in 2015, Dr. Donita McCants decided to work for herself and open her own practice. But that got her thinking, how can she make her services convenient for herself as well as her clients, keeping everyone tail-waggingly satisfied?

That’s when she decided to take her practice on the road! Dr. Donita’s Veterinary Concierge Services is a fully mobile practice that initially opened in August of 2021 and expanded to a full-service Mercedes Benz sprinter van in March of 2022.

We spoke with Dr. Donita to learn more about her mobile practice and how DaySmart Vet software helps them save time and focus on what matters most – their patients.

“I love that we get to travel to different places and meet new people on a daily basis,” says Dr. Donita. “We aren’t trapped between four walls and every day is always a new adventure.”

Being a solo doctor practice and successful business owner, Dr. Donita is running her business from end-to-end. Juggling so many different roles, DaySmart Vet has become a valuable asset for Dr. Donita’s Veterinary Concierge Services.

“Anything that helps us save time is crucial,” says Dr. Donita. “The tasks within DaySmart Vet are a great feature that help us stay on track by not missing out on important calls and reminders that we need to make.”

The integration of DaySmart Vet has allowed Dr. Donita’s Veterinary Concierge Services to go completely paperless. Accessibility to the software at any time, on any device, has helped them stay organized, boost productivity, and provide exceptional care.

Not only has Dr. Donita’s team seen success and ease when using DaySmart Vet, but her clients have as well.

DaySmart Vet’s reminder tool is perfect for helping to eliminate no-shows with automated text and email appointment reminders. Dr. Donita’s Veterinary Concierge Services uses reminders to help inform their clients on the next steps in their furry friends’ health journey. The reminder tool also allows specific documents to be sent directly to clients to review and sign before their appointment, saving time for both staff and clients.

Having run a successful practice for two years, Dr. Donita has some advice for fellow veterinarians looking to open their own practice. “Start slow, do all your research, and get an accountant fast! I didn’t receive enough knowledge and information on practice management in school, so the more you know before starting the better.”

No matter where the road takes them, Dr. Donita and her team know that DaySmart Vet will provide them with the ease and accessibility they need to successfully run their practice.

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