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Customer Spotlight: National Women’s Small Business Month

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October marks National Women’s Small Business month – a time to recognize the accomplishments of women entrepreneurs and their contributions to the economy. DaySmart Software, makers of Daysmart Salon, has always been invested in the growth of women small business owners. In fact, 85% of our customers are female-owned businesses. With that, we wanted to highlight some of our most inspiring female customers.

Women Small Business Owners:

Belleza Hair and Nail Studio

Belleza Hair and Nail Studio was founded by Ann Tyler and Dawn Zimmerman in Downtown Frederick, Maryland. Ann and Dawn love getting to mesh their creativity with their leadership skills to run an award-winning business. Their biggest advice to entrepreneurs is to avoid micromanaging your staff. Every business owner should tailor their leadership style to each employee.

Ann and Dawn are very goal-oriented, which is why they use Daysmart Salon to track their goals, keep a close eye on forecasts, and use that insight to plan for improvement on a weekly basis.

Belleza Hair and Nails

A Charmed Life Nail Salon

Kristine Gault runs A Charmed Life salon with her husband Pete in Rockford and Lowell, Michigan. When Kristine moved to Michigan in 2006, she couldn’t find a nail salon that she liked in town. Seeing this need, or opportunity, in the community, Kristine opened her first salon in December 2007. She embarked on an apprenticeship, working 20 hours per week for six months, after which she took a test and got her cosmetology license.

Today, Kristine is busier than ever with two locations. With Daysmart Salon, her no shows have gone down from a couple per day to a couple per week, because she can confirm appointments with clients and eliminate any miscommunication.

A Charmed Life Nail Salon

Images Salon

Cynthia and Tiffany are the mother-daughter duo behind Images Salon in Butler, New Jersey. Cynthia always wanted to be a hairdresser but didn’t have previous experience running a business. So, for the first five to seven years, she did everything she could to learn from fellow business owners. She even joined the Women’s Entrepreneurs of America so she could take business classes and learn from other women who work in and outside of the beauty industry.

As part of running her business, Cynthia implemented Daysmart Salon and cut the time she spends on inventory and payroll in half in just two months.

Images Salon, Women Small Business Owners

Modesty Hair Studio

Naomi Richardson co-owns Modesty Hair Studio, a modern salon located just east of downtown Austin, Texas. Modesty is actively eco-friendly to conserve as much energy and waste as it can. With sustainability being a huge concern for a lot of consumers, the hair studio chooses its retail to be green as well.


Women Small Business Owners Infographic

Learn more about women small business owners in the salon and spa industry by checking out our infographic below. This infographic was created from a survey for small business owners conducted by DaySmart Software (makers of Daysmart Salon) in March 2019, we then filtered the results for women-owned businesses only.

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