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What Recreation Facilities Need to Know When Evaluating Facility Management Software Solutions

Recreation facilities need software to help them manage many moving pieces for their day-to-day and long-term operations. Does your current recreation facility scheduling and management software meet your needs? 

If you’re using multiple tools, doing administrative tasks manually, or spending time on operations at the cost of offering the best customer experience, it may be time to research a new software solution. The right recreation facility scheduling and management software will improve efficiency, provide better customer service, and boost revenue. 

Don’t feel overwhelmed on your path to searching for a better software solution. We’ve created this buyer’s guide to support your research. The guide covers:

Common Barriers That Interfere with the Switch to a New Facility Management Software

It’s natural to be hesitant when making the decision to bring on a new recreation facility scheduling and management platform. But it’s important to remember that these changes may be necessary in order to find a solution that is a better fit in order to meet the needs of your operation.

Let’s take a look at some common barriers that arise when researching a new recreation facility scheduling and management software.

Onboarding uncertainty

The concern: Not knowing how much time onboarding a new software may take and how frequently it will take staff away from their daily tasks.

The opportunity: Many recreation facility scheduling and management software providers work with their customers to find the best options for onboarding. They’ll reach out about scheduling and often have additional resources for recreation employees who need assistance after the initial onboarding, including webinars, blog posts, videos, a frequently asked questions page, and a dedicated support team.

Working with your budget 

The concern: A new recreation facility scheduling and management software won’t work within your budget.

The opportunity: Choosing software that’s a better fit for your recreation facility will actually save you money. An all-in-one solution will eliminate the need to pay for multiple tools. Plus, the features of an up-to-date, cloud-based platform will enable you to streamline and automate tasks, allowing money, time, and other resources to be dedicated to efforts that increase revenue.

Impact on customers and staff

The concern: Onboarding, switching systems, and adapting to change will have an impact on the customer experience and the ability of staff to do their work. 

The opportunity: Software providers have worked with many recreation facilities just like yours. They have a solid plan in place to minimize downtime. One of the benefits of purchasing best-in-class software is that it gives your facility features that make it easier for your staff to streamline their work and for your customers to have a seamless experience.

Why You Should Reevaluate Software Options for Your Recreation Facility

Any of the barriers listed above can be overcome once you assess the opportunities and embrace the benefits of adopting new software for your recreation facility. Focus on the ways that new software can help transform your business.

Here are several reasons to consider researching a better software solution for your recreation facility:

How to Prepare for Your Conversations with Prospective Recreation Facility Scheduling and Management Software Providers

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to research new options for recreation facility scheduling and management software, you’ll want to schedule interviews with representatives from software providers. 

You might already have questions or need a place to start. We’ve pulled together some questions that will help you seek the information you need to make the best decision when purchasing new facility scheduling and management software.

Ask These Questions of the Recreation Facility Scheduling and Management Software Providers You’re Researching

Based on the Information You Receive, Ask Yourself These Questions

Top Features to Look for in Recreation Facility Scheduling and Management Software

As you research facility scheduling and management software providers, take a deep dive into the features they offer. Consider how comprehensive the features are and if they’re flexible and robust enough to support your recreation facility in the short and long term.

These scheduling and management software features should be top of mind for your recreation facility: 

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