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8 Reports to Help You Track Business Growth and Sustainability

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Now, more than ever, understanding areas of opportunity for your facility is essential for sustainability in a changing economy. By having facility and payment data in one platform, businesses can build financial reports to:

Easily collect and track revenue so you can answer key questions like what type of revenue is coming in, how long it takes to collect payments and how the overall cash flow is functioning for your facility. This information will help you with forecasting and budgeting and prepare you for any seasonal dips that you might experience.

Better understand your customers based on various facility data points (season, program, class level, etc.) so your facility business leaders can make informed decisions and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Simplify accounting and tax reporting so the team isn’t bogged down doing manual accounting work or looking for important tax information and focuses on growing the business.

If you have a facility management solution, finding this information is quick and painless. Check out the top eight financial reports that DaySmart Recreation customers are using to help them with financial planning so they can stay competitive.

Financial Reporting

Daily Sales Report: Visually see when revenue hits your bank account and the different types of payments that you’ve received (cash, credit, checks, etc). These details will help you submit tax information and give you a better understanding of how your customers are engaging with your facility.

💡 Pro-tip! Do you have a payment processing solution? If not, processing services can better streamline data input to your accounting system. If you do have a payment processing solution, this can show you how well it’s adopted and if there are things that you can be doing to promote it to streamline payments. (Note: if your payment processing solution is CardConnect, DaySmart Recreation can integrate your payment solution with our facility management software!)

Sales and Revenue Report

*Note: this data is from a DaySmart Recreation demo site and not live data.

Cash Basis and Accrual General Ledger (GL) Report: Break out your financial records by GL code so you can view a payable or receivable by product during a specified date range. This report will give you better visibility into the different programs you run with a line-item report by product detail so you can view income on an accrual basis, cash basis, and the difference between the two. You can also drill into the different transactions to pinpoint who was invoiced, if they paid, and how much they still owe.

Another perk of this report is that you can break down key GL accounts to view the different ways revenue is flowing into the events (cash, credit, gift cards, etc.). Like the perks of the Daily Sales Report, this can help you submit tax information and gain a better understanding of your customer.

Account Receivable (AR) Aging Report: Understand how your collection processes are going by viewing outstanding balances that are in a 30, 60, and 90-day format so you can measure the financial health of your facility and uncover customer accounts that have outstanding balances. This report can help you avoid overstating income by giving you a better estimate of receivables.

Having all this information in one area makes it easy for you to pinpoint where you need to make payment collections and gives your facility a better understanding of your actual revenue compared to the anticipated revenue.


Customer Accounts Receivable Roll Forward Report: Gain insight into the outstanding balance for individual customers during a specific timeframe. This information can be used to send email and phone call reminders to get these members’ outstanding balances paid. Ensuring your facility has the most accurate financial numbers.

Another way this information can be used is to set limitations on membership accounts so members with outstanding balances can’t continue racking up bills.

💡 Pro-tip! Use this information so your staff can quickly notify members about outstanding balances!

Category Sales Report: View attribution to revenue by looking at the number of sales or revenue by events and products. Visibility from this report will allow you to know what is in demand and if you should continue to host events or restock products based on registration and inventory. In addition, it will show you what you should consider discontinuing (or only offering during certain seasons) based on the limited sales they produce.

Monthly Summary and Season Performance

*Note: this data is from a DaySmart Recreation demo site and not live data.Program Financial Reporting:

Sales by Team Report and Sales by Class & Camp Report: Break down revenue by a specific program, season, class level, and roster. You can view sales by class and camp and even by the team to see how programs are attributing to your facility’s finances for better performance management. Giving you a good understanding of the demand for future program building so you can make sure you’re putting your time and resources into programs, camps, classes, and events that will bring your facility the most revenue.

Revenue Detail Report: View facility financials for a particular season by individual registrants so you can see what members are attributing to most of your revenue goals. By understanding who your most engaged customers are, you can build more customized experiences that will delight them and keep them coming back for more!

💡 Pro-tip! Having this data tied into your facility management solution can help you create targeted marketing campaigns to hit these individuals with updates on promos, programs, and more based on what they engage with most!

Unearned Revenue Reports: Track earned and unearned revenue by programs, rentals, memberships, and more so you can understand the financial liabilities of your facility. This data will help you and your staff understand what needs to be done and what you should prioritize based on earnings to reduce liabilities for your facility. It’s also a great tool to showcase everything your team has accomplished this year and how the facility is tracking towards revenue goals!

Unearned Revenue Report

*Note: this data is from a DaySmart Recreation demo site and not live data.

Why Facilities Choose DaySmart Recreation

DaySmart Recreation’s cloud-based solution makes it easier for your staff to do conflict-free mass bookings, contract management, and invoicing for one-off and large rentals. With over 80+ canned reports, you can automatically generate important tax and revenue information so facilities can measure performance and predict future demand.

A partnership beyond software. We’re committed to providing high-quality services and support so you can focus on managing your facility. No matter your go-live deadline, our dedicated onboarding team professionally trains, tests, and does quality assurance checks to ensure you have a successful product launch. Our in-house customer success and support team will be there to help you with any questions that might arise and can be reached by phone, email, and chat.

Interested in How DaySmart Recreation can help you grow your facility? Request a demo today.

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