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How Facilities Use DaySmart Recreation to Seize Their Day

Your recreation facility has hundreds of details that need to be taken care of every day, from the moment you open it to the second you turn off the lights at night.

How can you ensure that no detail is overlooked and that every day is successful? A facility management system like DaySmart will help you manage your daily operations, simplify scheduling and registration, increase efficiency, and provide better community engagement.

Take a look at how your facility’s day improves by using DaySmart:

Get an overview of the day.

When you power up your computer in the morning, the first thing you’ll do is open any incoming messages and review your DaySmart Recreation dashboard, messages, and calendar. Because your facility data is all stored in one place, you’ll have a good sense of what to prioritize for the day, how to direct your resources, and where time gaps are available to allow for catching up on other tasks.

Prepare for the day’s events

Having all your data in one DaySmart system takes the guesswork out of what staff and resources you need for the day. So, when it’s time to hit the ground running, you and your team have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips to run events and complete tasks with our mobile-friendly solution.

Keep your programs filled

Your members have busy lives, but upcoming events at your recreation facility won’t get lost in the shuffle. DaySmart features enable members to register and pay for classes and events in just a few clicks. They can add everything to their digital calendars and receive reminders right in their inbox, and you don’t have to worry about no-shows.

Picture of an ice program.

Maximize facility usage

Having a full-picture view of your facility with DaySmart allows you to easily see gaps in facility usage so you can find new ways to fill the space. Rentals and offering new events or additional program times allow you to optimize your facility space while engaging with members and uncovering new revenue opportunities.

Keep members updated

Weather delay, cancellation, or late start? You can quickly let your customers know about any important updates with DaySmart’s CRM feature that stores your customer information so you can automatically message customers about programs and events they are registered for.

Person viewing important reminder on their phone.

Streamline your planning

Your day is going smoothly – tasks are done, and customers are starting to show up for programs. Now it’s time to start planning for the next season. Your DaySmart dashboard provides you with historical data that shows how your programs have performed in the past so you can make data-driven adjustments for the upcoming season — such as offering more team slots for popular leagues or reducing programs with low activity — to fit the demands of your community.

Promote upcoming events

Next season is planned, now it’s time to get the word out for your customers! With all your customer data stored in DaySmart Recreation, you can send promotional emails, newsletters and other email campaigns to your target audience based on customer’s historical activity at your facility.

Offering an adult league next season? Build a report of who registered for previous seasons and let them know registration for the new season is coming up.

Picture of a 5K event.

Wrap up the day

Your workday is ending, but before you leave, get a quick glance at how your facility’s week, month, and quarter are shaping up with 60 standard reports built into the platform. Because you’re using DaySmart Recreation, you can have a clear view into the works of your facility so when you step out of those doors, you can go home and no worry about tomorrow and enjoy time doing what you love outside of work.

Seize Your Day

DaySmart Recreation is an all-in-one recreational facility management software solution complete with tools to help you better manage your operations, streamline your registration processes, and more fully engage with your community.

Owners and operators of recreational facilities take on the demanding responsibilities of variable programming, and DaySmart Recreation is there to simplify it all. With features built to help you easily handle scheduling, sales, resource management, marketing, and more, you can focus on delivering the best programming to the community you care about.

To discover if DaySmart Recreation is the right solution to support your transition into the next season and every season, schedule your free demo.