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DaySmart’s AppointmentPlus and Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles Partner to Improve Operations

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Written by Daysmart Software

Louisiana OMV

DaySmart’s AppointmentPlus, a leading online appointment scheduling software provider, and the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles, today shared details of how their partnership improved efficiency in more than 40 of the agency’s field offices across the state by servicing upwards of 780,000 citizens via their online scheduling software.

The Louisiana OMV began using AppointmentPlus in May 2020 to help offset challenges presented by COVID-19. With the software, citizens have the ability to choose which location, date, time and type of service fits their schedule best. With schedules clearly outlined, OMV staff are able to maximize their time while quickly processing customers in the office in a safe manner.

“With AppointmentPlus, we are a new agency in the eyes of the public,” said Keith Neal, Assistant Deputy Commissioner at Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. “We have heard such a positive response from the community since implementing a scheduling system. It’s allowed our field offices to operate more efficiently.”

AppointmentPlus provided the Louisiana OMV with an online scheduling solution that not only kept back-office operations organized, but also empowered employees to deliver a better quality of customer service. While Louisiana’s OMV adopted appointment scheduling software in response to the pandemic, they plan to continue leveraging the value of AppointmentPlus well into the future.
Read the full Louisiana OMV case study here, and to learn more about DaySmart’s AppointmentPlus for DMV’s, visit us at