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Set Yourself up for Success With These Tips on Renting a Salon Chair

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It’s possible, if you rent a salon chair. There are plenty of benefits to a career in hairdressing, including creativity and flexibility, but many people are drawn to the industry because they want to work for themselves.

When renting a salon chair, you’ll have the freedom to see your own clientele, with the support of an already established salon. Owning your own business brings a lot of uncertainty, especially now, so many hairdressers may prefer to rent.

If you’re ready to set yourself up for success, keep reading to find our top tips to find the perfect salon for your business.

Before Renting a Salon Chair, Make Sure you’re Clear on the Rental Agreement

One of the key questions to ask when renting a salon chair is how the rental agreement works. This can vary from salon to salon, but before signing a contract, you want to make sure you completely understand what you’re responsible for.

Not all salons operate the same, as there are a few different models. The salon may offer a fixed rent, where you pay a flat fee per month to rent the chair.

This is the simplest method, as it’s easy for you to budget how much you’ll need to pay.

Or, they may offer a percentage agreement, where the salon takes a percentage of your earnings. If you are unsure how much work you’ll bring in, this may be a good option, since you’ll pay less when you earn less.

Some salons may also offer a combination of both, where you pay a monthly rent plus a percentage, but you may not feel comfortable with that arrangement.

The cost of renting a chair in a salon can vary greatly, depending on location, the popularity of the salon, and its size. Once an agreement has been reached, both parties should sign a contract.

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Make Sure You’re Comfortable with the Salon

One of our top tips when renting a chair is to make sure you’re comfortable with the salon and its staff. Even though you’ll technically be working for yourself, you and your clients will still be spending a lot of time there.

Do you get on well with the other hairdressers? Do you agree with their business model? Will the location be easy for your current clients to visit?

For a chair rental to be successful, both parties have to be happy with the situation. Ideally, a chair rental will be a long-term partnership that can grow over time.

Are You Expected to Sell Products?

How do you feel about promoting salon products to your clients? Some salons are very big on selling products and will expect you to do the same.

Before renting a chair, learn more about what the salon expects from you when it comes to sales. If you don’t feel comfortable selling products, but the salon is asking you to do so, then it may not be a good match for you.

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Are You Allowed to See Walk-In Clients?

Another consideration before renting is about walk-in clients. As a renter, and not a staff member, are you allowed to see walk-in clients?

You may have plenty of your own clients, so you don’t need the extra business. Or, you may just be starting out and working to build up your clientele.

Either way, you’ll need to determine how this will work for you. Some salons may need extra help and may want you to take clients, while others may prefer walk-ins to go to their own staff.

You Can Set Your Own Schedule

One of the great benefits of renting a chair is that you can set your own schedule and have the freedom to live your life on your own time.

However, the salon may want to know when you’ll be in and whether you’ll be full or part-time, so ideally, you’ll want to let them know when you plan to work.

If you only plan to work part-time, for example, they may want to rent the chair to another hairdresser on the days you won’t be in. Talk to the salon and let them know when you plan to work, to make sure your schedule suits their business.

When you work for yourself, scheduling is important, since you don’t have a boss setting hours for you. As a self-employed worker, you’ll also handle taxes a bit differently, so make sure you understand your tax requirements.

Learn More About Salon Management

As a hairdresser, you may want to one day open your own salon. So, you may see renting a chair as a stepping stone to this.

If so, it may be worth asking the salon you rent from if there are any opportunities to learn more about salon management and administration while you’re there.

A lot is required to run a salon, such as learning how to use salon management software, so you may be able to learn valuable skills on the job that can help you with your career goals. Keeping your business acuity sharp will also help you in building your brand as a stylist.

Run experimental email/text marketing campaigns to keep your calendar booked. It’s not just about sending some e-mails, it’s about optimizing your salon marketing efforts to produce maximum positive growth.

Rent a Chair at a Salon with These Top Tips

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when renting a salon chair. Use the tips above when speaking to various salons and you’re sure to find a salon that’s the perfect match for you.

Renting a chair will help you learn more about the beauty industry, you’ll meet new people, and it’s much less stress than running your own salon, especially in such an uncertain climate.

Get started today and take your hairdressing career to new heights! To learn more about salons and salon management tips, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to helping you reach your career goals.

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