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The Best Nail Salon Names for 2024

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There are over one million salons in the United States. With so many different businesses competing for customers, it can be difficult to make a name for yourself. This leaves us with the obvious question of how to do it. You may set yourself apart in many different ways, one such answer is in the question itself. How do you make a name for yourself? Try giving your business a unique name, one that fits the industry while also standing out beyond other nail salon names.

A lot of different businesses succeed by having an awesome name. We’ll talk more about the salon name ideas in the paragraphs below.

Nail Salon Names To Inspire You:

1. The Nail Box

The best business names are clever while also getting the goal of the business across. This great play on ‘mailbox’ does both. Right off the bat, we know that this is a nail salon with a bit of charm.

Keep in mind that it’s always best to put some design flair into your sign. For instance, what would you think of this same shop if the name was in metallic lettering, and the background looked like a two-by-four?

nail salon names

2. Fingers 2 Toes

This nail salon business name is also short and sweet, but it’s a little less direct than some of the previous entries. Nevertheless, it gets the point across.

FIngers 2 Toes is a clever name because it tells you it’s a nail salon without directly saying it. It’s a business concerned with fingers and toes, and what would that be other than a nail salon?

3. Filed Away

Filed Away is yet another great play on words, mixing the filing of nails with the papers one might deal with at an office. It’s also very easy to remember.

4. Bellacures

Continuing with the trend of clever and indirect is Bellacures. It’s a combination of manicures or pedicures with ‘bella”, which means ‘beautiful’ in Italian, Spanish, and Latin.

The catchy nail salon name promises beautiful nails, and the use of a foreign language adds a bit of sophistication. Plus, it’s short and memorable.

nail salon names

5. Tipsy Turvy Nails

Going off of ‘topsy turvy’, this is a clever nail salon name that reminds you of the French tips that are often done at nail salons. The word nails is also in the name itself, so there’s no mistaking the salon for something else.

6. Sweet Feet Pedicures

Pedicures are right in the name of this nail salon, although it raises the question of whether they also do manicures. Plus, it has a great rhyme scheme to make it stick in your head.

It’s also especially catchy for literature or movie buffs, who will remember ‘Sweet Feet’ as the nickname of the fictional baseball star Clyde Livingston from Holes.

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7. Sin City Nails

Sometimes a direct approach really is the best salon name idea. Sin City nails is a great name. It tells you where it is and lets you know that it’s a nail salon.

If there is any flaw with this nail salon name, and other names like it, it’s that it can be forgettable. While it is a great name, it’s using a popular formula of giving the city name followed by the word nails.

Popular formulas can work, but so can going for something unique.

sin city

8. Cute-icles

The cuticle is the medical term for your nail bed. They exist to protect your nails from infection.

This salon has created a clever name by combining the term cuticles with the word cute. This cute nail salon name is somewhat adorable and adds a sense of charm to the shop.

9. Mandy’s Manicures

While many shops use wording play or rhyming to make their nail salon business name memorable, this one uses alliteration. Having manicures in the name also makes it clear that it’s a nail salon.

10. The Nail Place

The next entry on our list of great nail salon names is the Nail Place. This name works on a few different levels.

Not only is it short and memorable, but it also tells us what the business is at a glance.

nail salon names

11. Raise a Hand

A smart reference to raising your hand, and all the reasons you do it, Raise a Hand is an excellent name for a nail salon. It instantly creates a connection to nail salons, because few other industries are concerned with hands.

12. Hand Model Manicures

This name invokes the image of hand models, whose hands need to be taken care of perfectly so they can model rings, gloves, food, and a whole range of other products. Some even work as doubles for celebrities.

By having this name, the salon creates an impression of professionalism and high quality. The word manicures also tells us that it’s a salon. Hand Model Manicures is also far less awkward than just Hand Model.

13. Get Nailed!/Nailed it!

These are technically two different salons, but their names are similar. Both are a play on the expression of ‘nailing’ something, meaning succeeding at it or passing with flying colors. It’s an amusing name that promises satisfaction and makes it sound like the perfect place to get your nails done for fall.

get nailed

Nail Salon Name Ideas Overview

When coming up with nail salon names, it’s best to go with something short, clear, and clever. We’ve mentioned only some of our favorite nail business names in the paragraphs above, but there are plenty of other effective names out there. We encourage you to do more research on your own if you’re interested in developing a creative nail salon name.

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