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How to Craft a Hairstylist Bio to Attract Clients on Instagram

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Life is competitive these days and finding clients that you want to work with is like finding Hens Teeth. With all the social media around we rely on daily, it becomes a huge advantage to know how to use it well to harness all the power it offers. The best way to do this as a hairstylist is to create the ideal hairstylist bio. Not just anyone, but an Instagram one. People who make use of Instagram for their social media exposure are on to a good thing.

Let’s take a look at how we can make your hairstylist bio stand out from the crowd. Read on for more information on creating a bio that brings in new clients.

How to Craft a Hairstylist Bio to Attract Clients on Instagram:

How Much is Too Much

The thing to remember with Instagram, or with any advertising these days, is that less is more. Gone are the days where we have time to sift through a huge amount of information to process what we see – life is too busy and for the most part, people are scrolling through using a device like a mobile phone or iPad.

This means content-heavy information will be automatically ignored.

What Then

Instagram users are looking for stories. For pictures that capture the eye or something catchy that sticks in the mind. They want fun, fresh and snappy stories that will convey your message in a few short words.

It must make them want to click on your pictures to find out more. It needs to be engaging. Once you have caught their attention and they have made a point to look for more, you can give them a little bit more information.

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Pay Attention

Make sure you do your homework. Look around at what other stylists use on their Bio’s, especially the ones that you admire. Notice how their Hairstylist Bio’s are crafted, and look at what you like and what you don’t like.

You can adapt their Bio’s to suit your style. If you are really finding it challenging, you can always invest in a social media course for Hairstylists. This will always stand you in good stead.

Less is More

Remember an Instagram Bio only allows you 150 characters. So you need to really think about highlighting the best that you have to offer. It is a bit like speed dating in a way, you have a short time to offer your best up and see if you are a good fit.

Make sure you include where you are employed, your specialization and most importantly, don’t forget to make your contact details easy to see. Do not include anything that you wouldn’t include on your normal resume.

Emoji’s in a Hairstylist Bio

The short answer is yes. They are a valuable way of saving you space, and they allow a little bit of fun to shine through. But this can get out of hand quickly, so feel free to use them but with caution and restraint.

Remember, you are trying to make yourself appealing to your future clients, so be sure to make it as professional as you can, with a little spot of fun shining through.

hairstylist bio

Let’s Link Up

Instagram kindly allows one link on your Hairstylist Bio. So you need to think carefully about what link you would like to share. Are you wanting them to head over to your website? Or would you prefer them to follow your blog? Maybe there’s a video you want them to look at to feel inspired to make use of your talent?

Whatever it is, think carefully about what you are trying to achieve with your Bio and take it from there. Remember it isn’t permanent, if your view changes or you want to express something else, you can always change it.

Story Time

A lovely new feature that Instagram offers is your story highlights. This is a valuable tool for your Hairstylist Bio if you use it in the right way. To make the most of it, you should consider making use of these pointers:

Use the right images. Your pictures need to speak to the taste and style of your potential clients. Make sure you use the right and relevant pictures to convey this.

Think of it as a short film. Remember the days where silent movies were all the rage? You could understand the point without dialogue, and feel real emotion too – and this is what you need to focus on. Use your best images to entrance your audience, capture their imagination and make them feel inspired by your work.

Really connect with your viewers. Understand them and make them feel comfortable and welcomed. Making a person feel valued is half the work done already.

When it comes to creating categories, less is more. Think carefully so you don’t overwhelm your viewers, keep your categories short and sweet. Remember, keep it to the point.

Get Started With Your Hairstylist Bio

Be sure to get your Instagram hairstylist bio up and running. You want to show you are current with trends and understand the market, this is all easy to convey if you make use of the handy tips we have offered you above. Good luck and have fun

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