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Want Better Tips as a Hairdresser? Read This Blog

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Millennials are the worst tippers in the US, with 10 percent of 18 to 37-year-olds often leaving no tip at all.

In fact, 48.5 percent want to see restaurant tipping banned as they’re against having to supplement servers’ sub-minimum wage paychecks.

In contrast, while it’s customary to tip hair stylists 15 to 20 percent, it’s less of a necessity and more a perk of the job. But if half the younger generation are against tipping, how do you make sure that those tips don’t dry up?

From tip jar ideas to body language advice, here are some ways to get better hair salon tips from customers.

Hair Salon Tips:

Strive to Be a Great Hairdresser

First and foremost, beyond any hacks or tricks to getting hair salon tips, you’re sure to receive better tips if you’re constantly striving to become a better stylist.

That means being attentive and listening to your customers’ requests, and having the necessary range of skills to provide them with what they want. If your customer is happy with how you’ve cut and styled their hair, they’re more likely to tip.

Being a good hairdresser also means knowing when to make suggestions and when to follow orders. There may often be times when you think that different hair color or a shorter cut would suit your customer better. But, be too pushy about it, and you may lose both the customer and your tip.

Remember that you’re there to provide a service, which means doing what your customer has asked for. Of course, if they say they’re open to trying something new then it’s your time to shine.

For such occasions, it’s important to be prepared. That means continuing the learning process and diversifying your skills, as well as keeping up with new trends, styling techniques, and all the best hair care products.

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Make the Tipping Policy Clear

Without a clear tipping guide, even the most satisfied customers might be reluctant to tip for fear of offending someone or causing trouble.

After all, some salons and stylists don’t accept tips. This can make it a minefield for customers to know if they’re even able to leave a tip, let alone who, when, and how much to tip. That said, pressuring customers into tipping a suggested amount can seem presumptuous and may put them off returning.

Instead, leave a friendly notice near the front desk with a brief summary of how the tipping system works at the salon. This should explain that tips are always appreciated and instructions such as where to leave a tip if they want to offer one. Then, with everyone on the same page, better tips are guaranteed!

Consider These Tip Jar Ideas

Having a tip jar in your salon can help you get better tips by making tipping even easier for customers. Here are some ways to get better tips with your salon tip jar:

Make Your Tip Jar Visible

It might seem obvious but make sure the tip jar is in plain sight with the tipping guide above it. This way customers can read the guide if they want clarification. But even if they don’t read it, the tip jar is enough to let them know that tips are welcome at your salon.

Create Reciprocity

Studies into restaurant tipping show that offering customers candy can help you get better tips. Researchers believe that the main reason for this is that offering a small gift to customers creates reciprocity. This means that customers feel more inclined to give something in return after receiving a gift.

To try this theory out, place a selection of candy treats next to the tip jar and compare whether you get better tips that week.

Say ‘Thank You’

Another way to create reciprocity is to thank your customers by placing a ‘thank you’ sign on the tip jar. You could also include a simple ‘thank you’ message at the bottom of your receipts. These small changes cost nothing and could make all the difference to your tipping potential.

Personalize Your Service

Efficient hair salon software can help personalize the customer experience from the start. But if you want better tips, it’s crucial to continue that personalized service throughout the hair appointment. After all, good service means something different to different customers.

Some customers will come into your salon wanting to chat, while others want you to cut their hair and nothing more. The real trick is learning how to read your customers’ body language and verbal cues to gauge what they want from the appointment.

To help you prepare for future appointments, take some notes about the customer once you’re done. This might include any personal information they shared, talking points they responded well to, and their styling preferences.

This way, next time they come, you can tailor both your conversation and hairdressing services to them. Small details like asking after their children or bringing up the upcoming holiday they told you about will make them feel special. As a result, they’ll be more likely to give you generous hair salon tips.

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Compliment Your Customers

Last but not least, before you send your customer off to the till to pay (and hopefully leave a tip!), research shows that complimenting their hair can get you as much as a third more in tips.

This stands to reason since your customer has come to have their hair done and wants to hear that it looks great. By reinforcing their expectations, you’ll help convince them that you’ve done a good job, and therefore deserve a tip.

Your compliment will also help to make them feel good, and giving a tip is the most obvious way for them to show their appreciation.

A Guide to Getting Better Hair Salon Tips

These hair salon tips and tip jar ideas give a clear tipping guide which can help encourage customers to tip.

But, it’s the combination of excellent hairdressing skills and a proactive response to customer service that will ensure they’ll come back to your salon and leave a generous tip each and every time.

For more ways to improve your salon’s services, contact us today!

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