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What Pet Business Owners Need to Know When Evaluating Booking and Management Software

Your pet care business is growing, and your current solution of pen and paper, digital spreadsheets, or manual calendar entries is taking up too much of your time and no longer supports your needs.

You should be working smarter, not harder. It’s time to streamline your operations and supercharge your business growth and profits using the right booking and managing software.

We’ve created this buyer’s guide to assist you in your search for the best software for your pet care business. This guide covers:

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Common Barriers to Avoiding the Switch to a New Pet Care Business Software

The choice of which software to purchase to run your daily operations is not something you take lightly, and several concerns factor into your decision. However, it’s important to remember that your current software or processes may be costing you time and money.

It takes some time and effort to research, invest in, and adopt new software. In the long run, this decision can help improve efficiencies, create an optimal workflow for employees, and provide better service for your customers.

These are the common barriers that pet business owners encounter when considering new software to streamline their operations:

Fear of change

The concern: You and your staff have been using your current software for some time, and you’re used to all the features. You’ll also have to migrate your data to a new platform.

The opportunity: Adopting up-to-date software will give you access to even better features to run your business. Many companies offer training, user support, and online resources to help you every step of the way.

Spending time onboarding and training

The concern: Purchasing new software means you’ll have to train and learn how to use a different product. 

The opportunity: When you onboard your new booking and management software, you’ll be amazed at all the time you save once you implement features that can automate manual tasks and streamline your entire operation.

Finding the right interface and features

The concern: Your current software covers your needs and you’re comfortable with its usability.

The opportunity: Newer booking and management software platforms are developed with the end user in mind, and software companies offer additional features that manage your day-to-day needs as well as your bottom line, such as customer reviews, payments, and business reporting

Feedback from coworkers, customers, and vendors

The concern: Change is hard, and updating your booking and management software may be a concern for your staff and customers.

The opportunity: If you adopt a platform that improves efficiency and is easy to use you can save your stylists time in their day while improving the experience from the moment an appointment is scheduled to the second the client checks out.

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Finding budget-friendly software

The concern: New software may be too expensive and not cost-effective for your business’ budget.

The opportunity: Finding the right package of booking and management software may replace other tools you are currently using, which will help offset any costs. 

Why You Should Reevaluate Your Booking and Management Software Options for Your Pet Business

The barriers above shouldn’t prevent you from searching for a better software solution. Focus on the opportunities and benefits to allow yourself to research booking and management software with an open mind. The potential value will surpass any concern or apprehension.

There are several reasons to consider when finding software that’s a better fit for your pet business: 

How to Prepare for Your Conversations with Potential Booking and Management Software Providers

Once you’ve decided that now is the right time to look at booking and management software, you’ll want to speak with prospective providers to view a demo of software options and determine if their features address your pet business needs.

There might be a list of questions that come to mind immediately, or you may need help figuring out what to ask. It’s important to have a standard set of questions for this part of the process to help you gather all the information you need based on your priorities.

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Ask These Questions of the Booking and Management Software Providers You’re Exploring

Based on the Information You Receive, Ask Yourself These Questions

Features to Look for in a Booking and Management Software That’s the Best Fit for Your Pet Business

As you research software options, you’ll want to assess the features that each platform offers. Keep the needs of your business in mind as you learn more about the capabilities included in the platforms.

When speaking with software representatives and meeting for software demos, consider these top features in a pet business booking and management software that will help increase efficiencies and provide the best possible service for your customers:

Relax going into your work day with a tool that's simplifying the way you manage your pet care business.

Seize Your Day

DaySmart Pet is an all-in-one, cloud-based business management software solution for the pet care industry that will provide you with all of these features and more. DaySmart Pet allows you to efficiently manage all aspects of your pet care business within one easy-to-use platform. 

Book a free demo as part of your software research process to find out if DaySmart Pet is right for your pet care business.