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Relaxation Day: Ways to Reduce Stress Without Sacrificing Business

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National Relaxation Day (August 15) is a time dedicated to unwinding and taking a break from the stress of everyday life. Yet for hardworking small business owners who deserve it most, the holiday may not seem realistic. Running a salon is an ever-demanding job that doesn’t pause when you do. The idea of staying at home, reading a book or going on a picnic may sound far-fetched, if not fantastical.

That said, National Relaxation Day may be most important for small business owners. According to the American Psychological Association, the second and third most common causes of stress are money and work—sound familiar? In fact, according to Daysmart Salon’ recent survey report, money is the number one concern keeping salon and spa owners up at night.

With that, here are some ways for small business owners to take advantage of National Relaxation Day – both for their health and the health of their business.


Salon owners can leverage Relaxation Day as a timely way to promote new and repeat business. Customers need to relax, too, so why shouldn’t they kick back and get some pampering at your salon? To boost foot traffic, you can:

national relaxation day


As a salon owner, you are an expert when it comes to your customers’ relaxation—but what does it mean for you? If you can’t take the day off, use Relaxation Day to consider how to reduce stress year-round. There are tools and tactics to eliminate the daily worries that bog us down at work. Here are a few that can give small business owners more peace of mind:

In the world of small business, treating yourself can mean adopting the tools you need to do your job. Reduce unnecessary stress so you can focus on what you do best: running your salon.

Learn how Daysmart Salon can give you peace of mind by delivering each of these capabilities in an all-in-one business management software here.

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