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Launch Your New Salon with Award-Winning Software

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The super-efficient Daysmart Salon platform provides many time-saving and money-saving advantages for new shops. Like fellow industry pros who voted it a “Beauty Launchpad” Readers’ Choice Award winner again in 2016, you’ll appreciate how our business-building application simplifies and expedites numerous administrative essentials.

Respected Technology Partner

Once more, “Beauty Launchpad” readers honored Daysmart Salon among the top three frontrunners for 2016 Best Salon Management Software-Based System. The announcement appears in the national publication’s December issue. During 13 years of recognizing the beauty industry’s leading professional resources and products, readers have favored Daysmart Salon multiple times as the perfect technology partner to start and grow their brands.

Around 86,000 American businesses provide hair services, according to an industry report. By 2019, the thriving beauty space’s revenue could hit $58.7 billion. Affordable, powerful, and versatile hair salon software can boost your share of those proceeds. Daysmart Salon delivers comprehensive features to kick off your venture and organize your administrative records in one user-friendly package.

Key Program Functions

Promote Grand Opening: Ask your team to circulate business cards among friends, relatives, and previous clients. That initial publicity push will land your first round of patrons. For your further-reaching Grand Opening, welcome your community into your shop. Inform the public and your area’s chamber of commerce about your debut event, specials, and discounts to attract prospects.

Use Daysmart Salon promotional emails, social media marketing, news releases, and newspaper ads. Opening-day decorations like banners, sandwich-board signs, and balloons will persuade passersby to enter. Keep the mood fun and upbeat. Serve refreshments and distribute coupons.

Streamline appointment scheduling: Many first-time customers and regulars prefer booking appointments online. Your customizable Daysmart Salon website lets them select the vacant date and time slots for specific services with chosen staffers quickly, handling repeat bookings with amazing ease. You’ll receive automatic notifications about clients’ web requests so you can accept or decline them.

Automate visit reminders: Programming your Daysmart Salon system to send email or text reminders automatically is a speedy one-time process. That extra step helps guests keep reservations, minimizing dreaded no-shows. Patrons appreciate the rapid convenience of two-way verification by texting. Then the software marks slots as confirmed in your appointment book.

Manage clientele: Today’s technology enhances guest relations. Develop a customer database with a loyalty reward program. Daysmart Salon tracks patrons’ purchase histories from menu items to retail products. Make them feel special by discounting previous services or giving free samples of preferred take-home supplies. Store birthdates to offer annual coupons or gifts at upcoming appointments. Incentives for regulars and new visitors they referred will keep both returning.

Handle such promotions quickly with the Daysmart Salon email marketing and gift card features. Run business reports to discover which specials will expire soon. Contact those people via text, email, or phone with reminders to redeem their cards while they’re still valid. Besides getting patrons back in your shop, that courtesy also exceeds guest expectations, reinforcing why they chose your salon. And 72 percent of cardholders make purchases above gift values, padding your profits.

Emphasize social media: Focus on sites where your customer base is likely to find you. Announce promotions, specials, and last-minute service openings. Encourage stylists to post-makeover images on your salon’s page. Publicize other useful information such as online scheduling via Facebook, a convenient Daysmart Salon add-on, when traffic tends to be high.

Enhance your Internet presence: Building and sustaining a positive web status is vital for modern business success. Demandforce, a Daysmart Salon add-on, is a clever Internet reputation manager. Features include automated email surveys, collected guest reviews, social channel integration, and promotional tools. Utilize that option to secure a prominent place among your competitors.

Track merchandise: Daysmart Salon software manages retail inventory, tracking available display merchandise and providing reorder alerts. That data reveals trends including annual periods when certain products sell best so you can stock up early.

Oversee your team: Besides simplifying external tasks, multi-purpose Daysmart Salon also handles internal responsibilities efficiently. Personnel capabilities speed through creating staff schedules, monitoring workers’ hours, and calculating payroll.

Free Application Trial

Are all those advantages making you wish you had Daysmart Salon? To enjoy a free trial, sign up for our multi-award-winning salon management software today. Check out some of our reviews to discover users’ top tools and benefits. Don’t forget to share how your favorites help your new venture surpass your dreams!

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