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The Best Halloween Sports Costumes of 2022

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Halloween is right around the corner, and nothing is quite as exciting as planning a fun costume. If you’re a sports fan, the opportunities are endless; and hilarious. Athletes and sports icons are some of the most idolized yet highly criticized figures, and nothing shows your support (or your disdain) quite as much as nailing their appearance with a costume. Here are 9 of the best Halloween costume ideas for 2022; a mix of classic costumes and popular ideas for 2022!

Looney Tunes Hoopsters

If you’re a 90s kid, there’s a high chance you were around for the original Space Jam with Michael Jordan, released in 1996. This is a classic, easy costume to do, and makes a great group costume; you can throw on some bunny ears to be Bugs or a Pig nose to be Porky Pig. This costume is all the more relevant with the recent Space Jam follow up, Space Jam: A New Legacy, with Lebron taking Michael Jordan’s place.

Elton John in Bedazzled Dodgers Drab

Although this may be a more difficult costume to pull off, no sporting sans sporting outfit is quite as recognizable as Elton John’s iconic Dodger Stadium concert wear. Complete with a matching slugger and Elton’s extra loud wide-rimmed glasses, this costume is sure to turn some heads (at least from anyone older than 40!)

Even more, you can guarantee it’s a good costume if Harry Styles pulls it off! Although that may set the bar even higher!

Tonya Harding

Few figure skaters are as instantly recognizable as Tonya Harding. The 1991 and 1994 U.S. Champion became the second woman in history to successfully land a triple axel. One of the most successful female figure skaters that, although muddled in controversy, undoubtedly claims a spot in the annals of sports history.

The Tonya look is easily achieved with a light blue or pink skater’s leotard, but isn’t truly complete without the signature blonde bangs and high ponytail.

James Harden

Affectionately known “The Beard” this look is fairly simple, especially if you already happen to be a Harden Fan. It’s difficult to decide what NBA Superstar James Harden is more famous for; his crafty, snakelike ability to score the basketball, or the voluminous beard he has donned throughout his career.

Harden has had some transitive years as of late switching teams, so any #13 Rockets, Nets, or Sixers jersey will aid well to the unforgettable beard. If you can’t grow a beard quite like Harden, consider buying one online.

Happy Gilmore

Although aged a few years, you’re bound to get some laughs from this costume. One of Adam Sandler’s early and most iconic performances, the Happy Gilmore Boston Jersey and club will serve well in providing a comical, not-too-serious Halloween costume.

While chances may be lower of anyone born after 2000 to relate to this costume, if you work in the recreation industry you’re bound to give a few hints.

Daysmart Rec understands the nature of the recreation industry, and provides simple ways to optimize your business, such as email and text marketing, and appointment scheduling.

Forrest Gump


Those who have seen 1994’s “Forrest Gump” have laughed, and cried, and scratched their heads through the unusual life of fictional Forrest Gump, portrayed by Tom Hanks. Somewhat shy and awkward, Gump somehow always ends up in the most dynamic, important situations. Because of his innate goodness, he touches the lifes of many. Because of his innate wierdness, he takes on monolitic tasks at the drop of a hat; sometimes for no concievable reason.

One of these ‘tasks’ was running. This costume is a take on Forrest during his “running across the USA” era. Any tracksuit will do, provided you have the Bubba Gump hat. It’s the curly long hair and beard you’ve really got to nail!

John McEnroe

Notoriously nicknamed the “Superbrat”, this tennis legend is most notable remembered for his temper (smashing multiple racquets and frequently swearing at umpires), and his curly head of hair, frequently tucked under a headband. Hard to decide which was more unruly; his hair or his temper! McEnroe dominated tennis in the 1980s, winning eight singles and seven doubles titles.

1980s Aerobic Coach

While it’s speculative who this kind of costume is really trying to mimic (some may think of Richard Simmons), this character costume is all too reminiscent of the 1980s exercise fads; Aerobic group exercise was on the rise, with bright colored, tightly clothed individuals bouncing around smiling on VHS dancing to peppy yacht rock.

You’ll have to really capitalize on the neon to nail this costume, but don’t be afraid to get a fake afro or a handlebar moustache. For women’s costumes, leg warmers are vital, even if you live in sunny California!

Ted Lasso

Lovable, affable, Apple TV’s Ted Lasso takes on the world with positivity despite his clueless and naïve nature, and has won the heart of American and British viewers alike for it’s lighthearted portrayal of the English sport being conducted with an American attitude. Jason Sudeikis is iconic in this series, and provides an easy, achievable, yet eye-catching look.

Visor, sunglasses, moustache, whistle, and a team tracksuit will set you apart from the other Ted dopplegangers this Halloween. A great staple in your corporate office or recreational facility, this costume is great for the not so brave of us who wish to appear “in costume” without too much dedication!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this compilation and found some ideas in your ballpark this Halloween. Take a look at Daysmart Recreation’s software features; great for recreational facility owners and managers to streamline their private gym or sports complex.

Happy Halloween!

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