Wellness for your whole business.

Nearly 14 million people visited a spa within the past 12 months. In recent years, more people have begun to recognize the importance of wellness, a trend which has seen the value of this industry increase year over year.

The reasons for seeking spa treatments ranged from pain and stress relief to relaxation, and as spas expand their services to include skin treatments, injections, acupressure and aromatherapy, their volume of these sometimes demanding clients will continue to climb. Orchid Spa software positions spa owners to meet this growing demand.

What We Do

For over a decade we have been helping spa businesses run seamlessly, gain greater profit and grow – by using our powerful Orchid spa software.


Over time, by incorporating suggestions from our customer base and our own exploration, we have built a robust software system specifically designed for spa professionals. As a result of our success, we have become nationally recognized as a leader in the automated spa business software industry.



We continue to build on our 5 different packages, designed to fit every size spa business and budget. Every new feature integrated, is created to solve a problem and to make spa business owners lives easier.
Our spa software takes care of the hard work, helping spa owners with their employee management, client bookings, automated marketing, reputation management, confirmation reminders, online booking, business reporting and credit card processing.