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DaySmart Software Announces Winners of 2021 Small Business Brilliance Awards

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DaySmart has announced the winners of its Annual Small Business Brilliance Awards.

Two honorees were identified in each of the six categories and selected based on their ability to drive business value, innovation and growth with the help of DaySmart’s business management software solutions:

The Marketing Maven award is given to customers who thoughtfully utilize DaySmart’s marketing capabilities to promote their business and generate repeat visitors.

The Community Caregiver category recognizes customers that have committed themselves to giving back to their communities through donating their time and resources to those in need.

The Innovation Inspiration category is awarded to businesses that have pushed the envelope and proven their creativity by leveraging DaySmart’s software to deliver value to their business in a particularly unexpected way.

The recipients of the Software Savant award acted resourcefully, leveraging their dynamic DaySmart toolkit to continue driving business forward.

The Customer Service Connoisseur award is given to customers who have used DaySmart software’s various capabilities to put their customers first.

Lastly, our Rising Star category recognizes newer users of DaySmart software and in the short time of their deployment have made accomplishments that are worth celebrating.

Check out this year’s winners!

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